Download Granny MOD (Menu, God mode) + APK v1.7.9

Download Granny MOD (Menu, God mode) + APK v1.7.9
Name Granny
Publisher DVloper
Latest Version 1.7.9
Genre Action
Size 128 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Menu, God mode
Get it On Google Play

One of the quite famous horror games on mobile devices that you should play is Granny MOD APK (Menu, Immortality). This game is quite popular on Android and iOS platforms with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Joining the game, you have to face many dangers and scary jump scares. The thrill is at its peak every time you search for items in the house. However, the game also has fun moments for you to reduce stress. Come on, let’s learn about Granny game in the following article.

Download Granny mod – The famous horror game on mobile

Granny is a horror game released by the Dvloper company. Since its launch, this game has attracted a lot of gamers and is popular on both Android and iOS platforms. Right from the start of the game, you will receive a creepy greeting: “Welcome to Granny”. This is a harbinger of horrors waiting for you. Players will play the role of a young person locked in a dark house. When you wake up, you won’t know where you are. All problems arise when you hear the sound of a blind old woman named Granny. Because she was blind, she was very sensitive to sound. It only took the slightest sound to be detected by her.

Granny Hack

The player’s task in Granny is to find a way to run away from the strange woman. Next is to collect the necessary items to be able to open the door and escape. All must be done in absolute silence. It is this mechanism that makes the player very tense and must concentrate. Granny’s surprise appearances will startle you. Total time for you to escape is 5 days. If you have not found the key after this time, you will be imprisoned here forever.

Tips to beat this game

If you have a lot of trouble in the game Granny. Check out the following game tips:

  • In the first scene, when you are alone in the house. Do not rush to open the door, look around the room for a key. If missed, you will also have to come back to find this key. Usually, the first key will be hidden in a drawer.
  • In the second scene, after you exit the first room. Proceed to the secret door protected by a mysterious code. Look around to find the solution.
  • Scene 3, you have to find many other items like pliers and hammer as well as a code to open the door. Search every little corner of the house and don’t miss any clues.
  • Scene 4, you use the items you just collected to open the main door and escape from Granny.

As simple as that, but you will definitely meet Granny a couple of times. Just a small sound will make her detect and move to kill you. So do it slowly and in silence. If you are accidentally discovered, find a hiding place and lie still in it. Usually players will hide under the bed or in the closet. After a while of not finding you, Granny will leave. In the latest versions, the game maker has updated more puzzles to challenge players. You have to brainstorm to find the code to be able to escape from this place. Sometimes, you can turn on the radio to distract the old woman so that she can penetrate the secret rooms. From there find the key and the necessary items.

Granny MOD APk

Escape game mechanics

Granny game from start to finish is a process of escape of the main character. A series of difficult challenges will come to you. Players must always keep calm so as not to be detected by Granny. Many people with weak hearts have not been able to complete this game. Although the gameplay is difficult, the game publisher is constantly updating new maps and puzzles to challenge players. Surely it takes nerves of steel to pass this horror game. In particular, in the latest version, players can play with their friends in online mode. They will make you less afraid and have a good laugh.

Horror sound and color graphics

Granny’s 3D graphics make players feel like they’re in this house. The ability to enter the room, find objects will be best when the game publisher designs the levels to be very realistic. You will have to search almost every corner of the room to find the key.

Granny MOD

In addition to vivid graphics, the sound in the game is also highly appreciated. You will hear clattering sounds from objects. Especially the horror sound that plays every time Granny finds out. All will make you feel creepy in each chase phase.

Granny’s MOD APK version

  • God mode
  • Menu

Granny MOD APK is a good horror game on mobile. However, it is not recommended to play for the little ones or the faint of heart. The game screens are structured quite closely and help players explore the entire house. The creepy action scenes also make gamers sweat. Download now Granny hack menu to your device and experience it.


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