Download European War 7: Medieval MOD (Unlimited Medals) + APK 1.4.4

Download European War 7: Medieval MOD (Unlimited Medals) + APK 1.4.4
Name European War 7: Medieval
Publisher EasyTech
Latest Version 1.4.4
Genre Strategy
Size 151 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited medals
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European War 7: Medieval makes the first impression with extremely sharp and realistic graphics. The image is the surface, so is the content in the game worthy of the “like” buttons from the player?Sure, EasyTech’s super product excels in both content and image. If you want to challenge in the best tactical environment, you should download European War 7 MOD APK. Medieval European wars will make you shiver because they are both beautiful and beautiful.

Download European War 7: Medieval Mod – Medieval Conquest

There is no reason for fans of strategy games to ignore a super product like European War 7: Medieval. The game is highly appreciated for its plot, gameplay as well as graphics. During the game, you will see that this tactical product of EasyTech has a lot of new points. Still retains the characteristics of the tactical genre. However, it is also intertwined, adding a unique diplomatic element.

Background in Medieval Europe

European War 7 is set in Europe in the Middle Ages with impressive scenes. In the game, you become an emperor of a certain land. With the ambition of hegemony and expansion of the territory, you begin to make invasions and conquer the entire map of Europe. The important thing to put on the top, this is the reason why I will talk about the image of the game right here. Indeed, there is nothing to review, scrutinize or criticize about the image of the game. Strategy game with beautiful graphics. However, there are few games as detailed and meticulous as European War 7: Medieval. You can see this clearly through the context as well as the characters, the army and the weapon system and equipment in the game. Everything is done to the level, not superficially, through the speakers.

European War 7 Medieval mod

On a large map with thousands of troops, you can still clearly see each soldier, each horse and the national flag. The color scheme in the game also does not disappoint gamers. Bright colors, retro design. Important details are displayed very clearly, helping players get the most authentic experience.

Unique gameplay

Having released to version 7, it is not necessary to talk about the popularity and popularity of this game. In terms of gameplay, the basic features of the previous parts remain the same. However, this “comeback” of European War 7: Medieval has many unique new features. In addition to tasks such as setting up the usual battlefield, players can also experience many other interesting things. Like a dramatic movie with many details. You can marry a princess of a neighboring country for political purposes. In addition, there are actual diplomatic activities such as armistice, peace agreement, prisoner return, etc. As the last days of the Roman Empire ended, new heroes of the day were born. And you are one of the young generals who will create a new history in the future. At first, you are just a young general with outstanding leadership ability. At this time, the wars you lead are on a small scale. Once you have a country of your own, begin large-scale conquests across Europe.

In this period, countries with powerful armies, capturing many territories, became the most formidable forces. Therefore, the main goal of the player is to become the king of a country that is strong in all aspects. Let’s build a powerful country, possessing an elite army so that all Europe has to be cautious.

Champion system

The champion system, which was inherently diverse, has now become even richer. Each champion has its own style, shape, and skills. They can represent one or more different units of soldiers in European War 7: Medieval. With 200 famous generals, you will have the opportunity to become legendary figures like Napoleon or Washington. Level up your general by showing your bravery on the battlefield and achieving glorious victories. From a small general to a marshal, then a great general and emperor of a large country. Whether to make history or not this completely depends on the ability of each player.

Army and map

The map in the game has also been expanded, allowing players to “struggle” in a larger environment. European War 7: Medieval allows players to customize the map during the game to be able to cover everything more easily. Based on this, you can clearly see the borders and territories of each country as well as the situation of generals and army groups.

hack European War 7 Medieval

In addition to generals and maps, the army in this part 7 also has many new points. Each military force has its own characteristics and functions. Depending on the situation of the match as well as the tactics that the player analyzes and chooses the appropriate army. After each battle, your army will accumulate more skills and experience to become stronger. To win in a top strategy game like European War 7: Medieval will need a lot of factors. Initially, you need to identify and evaluate the situation. In-depth analysis of the force correlation through the master map. Then, select soldiers and generals with appropriate skills to join the conquest in certain terrain. If you do all these things well, you will certainly have a chance to become a great emperor in history.

European War 7: Medieval APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Medals

There’s no reason for you to miss a tactical masterpiece like European War 7: Medieval. Everything is perfect, whether in terms of content or images. This will be a great opportunity for you to show your leadership ability and top-notch military talent. Lead an elite army, conquer all over Europe to create a mighty kingdom. Download European War 7 MOD APK to conquer the dream of leading Europe!


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