Download Empire Defender TD MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v2.7.32

Download Empire Defender TD MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v2.7.32
Name Empire Defender
Publisher ZITGA
Latest Version 2.6.34
Genre Strategy
Size 109 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Empire Defender TD MOD APK (Unlimited Money) emerged as a “phenomenon” in the strategy game village because of the highlights it possesses. In addition to the plot and graphics, the gameplay of the game is also a plus. This game has brought Zitga huge revenue as well as fame. Join the game, you will be transformed into a prince, in the hands of the fate of a nation. Come up with the wisest strategies, use people with “range” to defeat all forces that are watching the country. Become a strong leader in Empire Defender TD.

Download Empire Defender TD mod – Zitga’s great strategy game

In the role of a prince, the player’s task is to lead an army to protect the kingdom from the invasion of hostile forces. There are many challenges in Empire Defender TD that you have to overcome. Royal army with a large number of soldiers, if you want to promote synergy, you need to come up with smart tactics. Along with that is the arrangement of the squad, choosing the type of army suitable for each battle.

EmpireDefender TD MOD

Interesting plot

Empire Defender TD is a game about the promised land called Ioria. It is inhabited by many different races. Not only humans, Ioria is also the “common home” of fairies, dwarves, elves,… The main event here revolves around the war between Endia and Grando. Embracing the ambition of hegemony, wanting to be the king of other races, the leader Grando gathered his army and began to cause wars of invasion. The most beautiful place, with economic as well as military advantages, is Endia. So this would be the center of the battle, the first place Grando would attack. In Empire Defender TD, players will play as Jave, a famous prince of Endia. As a young, talented, perfect-looking man, Jave is the hope of this kingdom. The prince’s task is to lead the royal army, fight together, and protect the beloved kingdom from the attack of the Grando clan. This battle is not easy. Each side has its own commander and troops. To defeat Grando, you need to come up with tactics as well as how to use the troops accordingly.

Kingdom Defense Quest

Empire Defender TD is like most other strategy games. As soon as you join the game, you will play the character, step by step performing the tasks. In the position of military leader, you need to arrange, train and build an army. There is no difficulty in commanding, strategizing as well as your leadership style. This is where you have the right to be the master, holding the highest position, the commander-in-chief of the army of the kingdom of Endia. Take control of the royal army with soldiers and elite generals. Along with that is to build a solid fortress, destroy all enemy troops. The mission system in the game takes place continuously, requiring the player’s concentration. At high levels, the difficulty increases a lot. Not only the number but also the strength of the opposing army has been upgraded. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the characteristics of each line of soldiers. From there, it is possible to come up with a suitable manual strategy.

Empire Defender TD MOD APK

Various game modes

In Empire Defender TD, you can experience and try many tasks. For War mode, players need to complete a lot that confronts CPU as well as speed. The higher the level, the more difficult it becomes. You will meet 9 dangerous bosses. Each child has its own strength. Their appearance puts you in a confusing and stressful situation. Only by defeating them can victory be won. In Events mode, get ready for really tough levels in Empire Defender TD. The attacks take place massively with a fast pace, pushing the game to the climax. While the monster attacks continuously, the boss also chops enthusiastically without the need for a cooldown. So, this will be the perfect mode for gamers who want to challenge and exceed their limits. Finally, the Hero Challenges mode. In this mode, you will control the warriors in the game to join them on the battlefield. There is no constraint, the game speed is not too high. You can slowly experience, freely learn and explore the challenges of the game.

Simple gameplay

Before entering the game screen you will receive a small amount. Use it sensibly to be able to build armies and fortresses. Killing enemies is a way for you to earn more money. After you have money, buy more new soldiers, build more military fortresses. Your choices greatly determine the success or failure on the battlefield. The difference of Empire Defender TD with many other strategy games is the character system. Each general in the game has its own skills and strengths. You need to exploit the strengths, awaken the potential of each person so that they can fight at their best. There are 10 heroes, each with 1 attack skill and 3 defense skill. Each screen can use up to 3 generals. How to arrange depends on your tactics.

EmpireDefender TD Hack

Military fortress

The military fortress system in the game is diverse and extremely detailed. There are all 4 types of fortresses with distinct characteristics. As follows:

  • Barrack tower: A place to train troops, block enemy attacks. Reduces attack speed, forcing the enemy into a pre-arranged position.
  • Archer tower. Fast attack tower, has the role of saving troops for other types of fortresses when in danger. The minus point is that the damage is not high. However, the speed and distance are impressive.
  • Magic Tower: Magical equipment, directed by a team of mage soldiers. The advantage is the ability to deal great damage.
  • Golem Tower: The best type of fortress in the game. Impressive power, high killing ability. High-ranking generals will be in charge of this fortress.

Empire Defender APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

There are many new things in the strategy game Empire Defender MOD APK. This is also the reason why this game always remains HOT in the market. You can explore many interesting game modes, enjoy the great feeling that each level brings. Fighting is not only about the number of troops but also depends on the way, tactical thinking. Download hack Empire Defender mod to challenge yourself as a prince, shoulder the responsibility of protecting the beloved kingdom. Wish you a happy game experience!


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