Download Dragon World MOD + APK 0.64 (High number of stars, Remove Ads)

Download Dragon World MOD + APK 0.64 (High number of stars, Remove Ads)
Name Dragon World
Publisher FMGames LLC
Latest Version 0.64
Genre Adventure
Size 100 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD High number of stars, Remove Ads
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Dragon World MOD APK is an exciting and fascinating game to explore the world of Dragons. Join the game, you will be immersed in the mysterious living space of Dragon warriors but also can own them. Download Dragon World mod number of stars to your device for a better experience than the original version.

Download Dragon World mod – Explore the world of dragons

Dragon World is a game that explores the mysterious world of Dragons. Players participating will be able to witness as well as immerse themselves in fascinating stories. In particular, you will witness the stage from when the Dragon eggs hatch until you train into powerful Dragon warriors. Exciting and dramatic stories will begin, interwoven with many new elements that will be an extremely enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Familiar gameplay

The peaceful life of the dragon suddenly turned upside down one day when evil enemies appeared. To avoid the destruction of the zombie world, dragon warriors need to stand up and fight. However, the number of dragons killed was increasing day by day. When participating in Dragon World, the player’s main task is to fight with Dragon friends before the attack of evil zombies. Dragon World is a game that gives players new discoveries. You nurture the Dragons from birth and protect their lives. Each place that you go through will contain many new interesting things, with more fascinating experiences.

Take care of the Dragon Warriors

When starting to participate, players will be provided with a Dragon egg. After the Dragon eggs hatch, forming a new Dragon, now your task is to feed them, nurture them thoughtfully. In just a short time, the Dragons you raise will grow up. They will follow you and establish a base, starting to build the strongest and safest habitat. The task of raising the Dragon is extremely important, because the Dragon’s growth or not depends on the player himself. Besides, you can also quickly increase the number of Dragons you raise to create a powerful army.

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Fighting zombies

The Dragon’s biggest enemy is the zombie. These evil monsters make up a very large force and they are the ones that cause the most harm to the world. When there is the appearance of zombies, the world is facing a great danger. The task of the player and the Dragon at this time is to fight and regain peace for the world and for your own life. When participating in the game, Dragon World will bring you to a fiery and tense battle. The dramatic confrontation will be extremely difficult, requiring players to put all their strength, combine with their Dragon friends to fight the enemy.

Enhance combat skills for Dragon warriors

To create a strong Dragon warrior, players also need to train them, helping the Dragon to have certain techniques, especially in combat power to defeat the bad guys. In Dragon World, Dragon warriors are very obedient and loyal, they will obey the player’s arrangement absolutely. The player’s task is to build Dragon with new skills, ensuring the strength to be able to destroy evil zombies. With each enemy, you should equip your Dragon with its own ways to deal with it easily. You need to carry out adventures and mysterious discoveries to be able to find a way to kill zombies and return a peaceful life to the world.

Dragon World APK MOD Version

  • Hack high number of stars
  • Remove ADS

Dragon World is where you are accompanied by your Dragon friends. You can participate in combat as well as conquer exciting adventures with your friends. Download Dragon World mod to own a diverse collection of Dragons as well as experience the most dramatic and wonderful moments when fighting zombies.


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