Download Dino Bash MOD + APK 1.6.4 (Unlimited Gold, Gems)

Download Dino Bash MOD + APK 1.6.4 (Unlimited Gold, Gems)
Name Dino Bash
Publisher Tilting Point
Latest Version 1.6.4
Genre Strategy
Size 73 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited gold, gems
Get it On Google Play

If you like strategy games with a period of dinosaurs, then Dino Bash is a great choice. With a completely new gameplay design, you will help the dinosaurs protect their eggs from ferocious prehistoric people. Because of this newness, it has attracted a lot of players since its launch. Download Dino Bash mod to enjoy the most relaxing moments.

Download Dino Bash Mod – Jurassic War

Dino Bash is a survival game that rescues dinosaur eggs from prehistoric humans. Dino Bash will put players in a world where you are free to train dinosaurs, upgrade and attack cavemen always in a state of hunger. The new difference of this game is that you will fight with lovely dinosaurs and destroy the evil intentions of people.

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Return to the Jurassic period, where legendary reptiles and dinosaurs appeared. But Dino Bash brings a completely new gameplay, where players will support a herd of dinosaurs against caveman humans to protect the race. This is a fairly new gameplay, creating a high level of attraction and entertainment. In Dino Bash, dinosaurs are on the verge of extinction due to the attack of cavemen. The only way to survive is for the player to lead an army of dinosaurs and attack prehistoric people, protecting the eggs. Dinosaur eggs are the life of the whole herd and ancient people are constantly stealing them, so the player still has to control the number of eggs carefully.

Diversity of dinosaurs

In the game, players can gather dinosaurs to form a powerful army, fighting with ferocious cavemen. The dinosaurs that exist in Dino Bash can be mentioned as the T-Rex tyrannosaur, thunder lizard and more. This will be a powerful army, united against humanity. Through each part, players will gradually unlock new dinosaurs with greater strength. Summoned dinosaurs with full equipment and strength and agility will contribute to resisting attacks from humans.

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Destroy the Ancients

With Dino Bash, the difference that brings creativity is to build an ancient human context that will be the force that players need to destroy. The cavemen took action that influenced the survival of dinosaurs. At that time, players need to support the dinosaur herd, use features such as volcanic bombs, hidden traps, ice … to help dinosaurs fight against humanity.

Upgrade power and skills

The dinosaurs will accompany the player into the wars, so strengthening the squad and strengthening the attack power is extremely important. To be able to confront a series of powerful opponents, players need to strengthen the dinosaurs and learn more new tactics. In addition, players need to build a defense system, equip themselves with new and advanced weapons, deploy both ground and air battles. This will help fight fierce and stubborn attacks from the opponent.

Dino Bash MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money

Download Dino Bash mod to experience interesting and unique battles. With images of funny dinosaurs armed with ancient weapons, this game has created attraction and excitement for players. This will be the right game to relax after a stressful day of study and work.


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