Download Demons Never Lie MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.9

Download Demons Never Lie MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.9
Name Demons Never Lie
Latest Version 1.9
Genre Horror
Size 95 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD No ads
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Surely the horror adventure game genre is no stranger to gamers today. Demons Never Lie MOD APK (Unlimited Money) will take you on a unique horror adventure. You died and then angels and demons appeared one after another with different promises. Who will you choose to follow to start a new life?

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Download Demons Never Lie Mod – A haunting horror adventure game

Demons Never Lie is a naratuve horror adventure released by Built on classic Voxel graphics combined with unique Low-Poly. This place will make those who have a “fragile” soul encounter many haunting moments. The game tells the incredible story and her dark side of John – a man who died after a life without loss of joy. Demons Never Lie will definitely give players an “exciting” interactive experience that you will never forget.

Demons Never Lie game highlights


Demons Never Lie is a tragic comedy and ghostly haunting story. The scene begins with an elderly man named John watching his own funeral from the “afterlife”. A funeral with no one to see off, everything took place extremely lonely. This is enough for everyone to understand when John lived a lonely, bleak life. In that tragic scene, Alba suddenly appeared in front of John. The two confided a few small stories to each other. Alba then informed John the good news that thanks to the good deeds he had done while he was alive, the doors of the Light were now open and welcoming to him. John has 1 more minute to say goodbye to himself and then follow Alba to the new world.

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When John was feeling very sad and unwilling, another character on Ocaso’s side suddenly appeared. Ocaso claims to be a demo, also giving John a new choice. That John doesn’t have to go anywhere and can still turn back into a human, losing all his memories today. Moreover, he was allowed to return to his youth to correct all mistakes on the condition that… Ocaso hadn’t finished his sentence before John accepted. Because John feels he has overlooked too many things in life. John wakes up at the age of 28, dropping out of school. There is a mother who is too bad always wants him to do her will. John began to abandon the frameworks that he had followed in his previous life. Now he will live his life free to do what he thinks is right. Once by chance, he discovered the truth about his respected father. Although he tried to live a rebellious life that was far from his human morality. Johns still died tragically the same way he died in his previous life. Also, in the sequels John comes back to life as someone else, Peter and Mark respectively. Both of these people are related to John in some way.

How to interact with players

Demons Never Lie belongs to the traditional narrative genre. Most of the gameplay will be the plot with a series of dialogues of fast animals. Players will be able to choose answers for important situations. For example, you can choose Yes/No when Alba asks John if he wants to stay on earth anymore. This makes the player feel like he has really transformed into the character in the story.

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In Demons Never Lie, you can control the character’s movements to some extent. However, it will be limited to certain options to ensure the story line is not affected. The context in the game is very diverse, with many camera angles, mainly the player is seen in the 3rd person perspective. The change of perspective is done quickly, without causing discomfort to the player. Surely you will not encounter overload when receiving many tasks. All the puzzles, quests to perform, the choices given are only for the purpose of keeping you with the story.

Graphics and sound

Graphics in Demons Never Lie are designed in 2D style with colorful square blocks. Perhaps it will not be as you imagine a blurry scene or shiny footage. The image in the game always appears thorny, a bit gloomy and satirical. The characters move rhythmically, bit by bit. This is one of the factors that help players feel more deeply about the plot.

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The publisher chooses the repetitive music as the sound played in the game. Sometimes there is a lively, fun rhythm in the street and urban scenes when the character passes. In return, there will be a ghostly, sadder part in the “afterlife” or the character’s monologues. In Demons Never Lie, not using voice acting, but dialog and text versions, but the effects are done very well. To small details like when John is playing the game, the game’s music is also carefully inserted. It is this meticulousness that helps the game become smoother and more pleasant.

Demons Never Lie MOD Version APK

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Demons Never Lie MOD APK is a touching horror adventure game worth playing. It makes people reflect on their own life, about future choices.


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