Download Dead Trigger MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v2.1.5

Download Dead Trigger MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v2.1.5
Name Dead Trigger
Publisher MADFINGER Games
Latest Version 2.1.5
Genre Action
Size 166 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Are you a fan of zombie shooting games?Then play the Dead Trigger MOD APK (Unlimited Money) game right away. This is a pretty good game on the theme of Zombies on mobile phones. In the game, you will enjoy the exciting and scary Zombie shooting phases with many unique levels. Let’s learn more about Dead Trigger game in the article below.

Download Dead Trigger mod – Popular Zombie Shooting Game

Dead Trigger is a post-apocalyptic game. They have a desolate background after the invasion of Zombies. With a unique zombie shooting game mechanism, players will transform into a hero character, thereby collecting guns to destroy the zombies. There are many levels in the game that will challenge your composure. Zombies are not only crowded but also very dangerous. They are always waiting to kill you.

Dead Trigger MOD

The plot of the game

Right from the beginning of Dead Trigger, you are faced with an epidemic of unknown time. All humans have turned into zombies and are extremely bloodthirsty. These Zombies will scatter on the road and destroy living creatures. This zombie has lost control and is acting like a beast. The governments of the countries are completely helpless against the zombies that are spreading at a rapid rate. The scenes of desolation made the city tremble with death. A handful of survivors regrouped and found a cure to save the earth. Including our main character. You will play this character, crossing the Zombie forest to reach the specified locations. From there get the cures and save people.

Special gameplay in the game

When playing Dead Trigger, you will play a hero character. From there, on the way there will be a lot of weapons. You will destroy all Zombies that stand in your way. The game has a first-person perspective and has a variety of weapons for you to destroy monsters. It can be a machine gun to sweep monsters at close range or a shotgun to destroy them from a distance. Choose a style of play that suits your ability. Since this is a survival game, you need to find a way to escape from the Zombies. Don’t try to act like a hero sweeping all kinds of zombies. They are very numerous and dangerous.

DeadTrigger MOD APK

Choose a particular tactic. Usually, the player will hide in the bushes or rocks. After the Zombies are not paying attention, you will infiltrate the houses to find equipment. You and your teammates can also plant bombs and lure zombies to come. This will help kill a large number of zombies on the road. When entering the city center, the Zombie density will be more and more difficult to deal with. This is the time when you use your stealth skills to complete the mission safely.

Various game modes

In Dead Trigger, you can choose from many different game modes. Initially, the player can choose to follow the storyline. You will discover the story that you and everyone else have to do. From there, understand more about the meaning of life in the game. However, you can also participate in unlimited Zombie shooting modes. This is your time to relieve stress and kill the hateful zombies. There will be about 10 rounds in unlimited mode. You are free to choose. In addition, you can also join the campaign and rescue the survivors. There will be 4 levels for you to perform this task. After completing, you will receive a lot of valuable items and money. The more zombies that are killed in special modes, the more players will improve their skills and accumulate a large amount of gold to buy weapons and healing items. They are essential for later difficult levels.

Various weapon systems

Weapons are an integral part of the game Dead Trigger. There are many different types of weapons such as knives, axes and guns. There are machine guns that can fire continuously to destroy groups of zombies. Players will have to search for weapons through abandoned houses or on quests in special game modes. The guns in Dead Trigger are simulated similar to actual guns such as Minigun, Colt 1911, … In addition, if you like to play Rambo style, you can use the knives or axes in the game to fight the Zombies. These weapons don’t need ammo and can kill monsters in just 1 slash.

Dead Trigger Hack

Impressive graphics

Dead Trigger game is designed with vivid and realistic 3D graphics. In each level, you will feel like living with this world. Smooth motion effects, shooting Zombie was hand and epic. They bring the best experience for players. If your machine has a good configuration, you can leave the graphics quality at the highest level. The image will be very sharp and vivid.

Dead Trigger MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money

Zombie shooting game Dead Trigger MOD APK will attract all shooter enthusiasts. Lots of levels to play with hordes of vicious zombies will make you want to fight non-stop. Download the game now and fight.


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