Download Dead Cells MOD (Unlocked, Unlimited Cells) + APK v2.7

Download Dead Cells MOD (Unlocked, Unlimited Cells) + APK v2.7
Name Dead Cells
Publisher Playdigious
Latest Version 2.7.7
Genre Action
Size 723 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlock, Unlimited Cells
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You are a lover of horror anime movies, you see characters that can transform flexibly, especially being able to resurrect the dead, which makes you wish you also own superpowers.there. Sounds absurd right, how is it possible to resurrect the dead? Don’t worry, if we can’t do it in reality, why don’t we do it in the game. Coming to Dead Cells, this will not be too difficult because you will experience the role-playing of a dead cell that has turned into green mucus. It has the ability to regenerate humans and many other functions. Join MODPURE to learn the plot as well as advanced features of Dead Cells MOD APK!

Download Dead Cells Mod – Role playing with the forces of darkness

Dead Cells is an action game genre with a fairly new storyline. Although it has only been on the market for a short time, Dead Cells has quickly attracted a large number of participants. Perhaps because of the attractive and new gameplay, it is mixed with a bit of horror because this is actually a dead cell that turns into a green mucus capable of regenerating people. Then, it parasitizes in the body of a dead person and makes the cells come back to life, the organs work normally again. Your job is to explore the game and fight the enemies.

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The gameplay of Dead Cells is quite simple, you will start the adventure with a given weapon first. Then, your mission is to participate in a life-and-death war and face thousands of dangers, ready to take your life at any time. Therefore, you need to be equipped with an iron will, an iron spirit. Train your character to become a mighty warrior, a strong body to be able to resist the dark forces, protect the peace.

Diverse skills, flexible transformation

You will be equipped with a total of 7 different moves for each character, so you need to remember the moves of each character to be able to unleash their power. Each skill when used will need time to cool down, so players need to calculate the time to be able to launch combos to hit the opponent.

Explore the Dark Dungeon

In Dead cells, you will have to go into winding mazes, gloomy dungeons, encountering dozens of dangers and traps of the enemy. Therefore, you must be very careful when entering the dungeon. However, mixed with danger are thousands of hidden treasures that one can discover. You can freely collect weapons with different items such as bombs, shields, knives, healing potions, banas, scrolls … The weapons you find will have 3 different variations classified by color. Try swapping out a new weapon instead of just using a weapon you’ve mastered, this will make it easier for you to pass the stage. Because with each different gate, you will meet different enemies, the higher the gate, the stronger the enemy. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself a fighting weapon to suit each enemy!

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Large map

The map of Dead Cells is divided into many different areas. Each area is further divided into many smaller branches. Unlike other games, you can explore each area as you like without having to follow the game’s motif.

Easy to navigate

There are many ways to move in Dead Cells, you can run, jump, swing on chains or break fences. However, be careful because just a little wrong manipulation can cause your character to die and you will have to play it again.

Images and sounds

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Beautiful graphics

It can be said that Dead Cells is very good at choosing color tones for the game. The blood red background colors mixed with the gloomy black have created a truly mysterious scene. If you focus on role-playing the character, it will feel like you are confronting the danger in front of you. The sound is invested quite carefully, true to every little detail.

Dead Cells MOD APK Version

  • Unlock Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed & Fatal Falls DLC
  • Infinite Cells
  • Free shopping
  • Enemies will not attack or hit you back

It can be said, Dead cells is a game worthy of your experience. The beautiful action scenes from images to sounds will bring you moments of relaxation. However, the game is also commented by many people as being quite difficult to play because most of the later levels you will encounter extremely strong enemies whose weapons are not enough to fight. Understanding that difficulty, we have released the Dead Cells mod version to help players pass the stage more easily, you can buy any weapon you like without paying any fees.any. What are you waiting for, download Dead Cells MOD APK now!


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