Download Dawn Of Zombies MOD (Free Crafting) + APK 2.165

Download Dawn Of Zombies MOD (Free Crafting) + APK 2.165
Name Dawn Of Zombies
Publisher Royal Ark
Latest Version 2.165
Genre Action
Size 866 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Crafting for free
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For fans of the survival game series, you cannot ignore Dawn of Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is a fairly new game and attracts a lot of players. With a familiar zombie scene, players must use all skills to be able to dodge and destroy as many zombies as possible. Unique game mechanics, diverse weapons and impressive graphics, Dawn of Zombies will surely attract you.

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Download Dawn Of Zombies Mod – Survival Game Against Zombie

Dawn of Zombies is a Zombie fighting game with a top-down perspective. You will control your character to collect weapons and dodge the oncoming zombies. Then kill as many Zombies as you can. With unique mechanics, very few survival games have such a perspective. You will play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world because of the Zombie pandemic. With each level, our character must destroy many Zombies and survive. Every win you get will help you get more rewards and money. From there, you can shop for weapons, health, and gear to start another level. The approach in the game Dawn of Zombies is the same as in other games. Where players must find a way to survive in an environment full of zombies. The graphics in the game are extremely impressive with smooth transitions and actions. The game publisher has built a good game for gamers to experience.

In-game setting

After a nuclear disaster, radioactive rays turned people into lifeless zombies. This pandemic spread around the world and turned everything to death. Our character is one of the few survivors. You have to fight against Zombies, mutants and high-class monsters. In addition, must fight against evil gangs in order to survive.

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A lot of tragedies and challenges come that will make you suffocate in the game. Stay calm and take care of everything. The role of the character Strider in the game Dawn of Zombies is to destroy the Zombies, find a cure to help the world peace again. Previously, he was a security guard, but after the pandemic, this guy lost his memory and didn’t know what happened. After a period of survival and killing Zombies on the street, he found the clues and found an expert who could regain his memory. From there, Strider determined to find a cure that could save humanity.

Gameplay Review

Similar to Last Day On Earth, Dawn of Zombies players must build a strong base to fight off the Zombies. You will have a temporary place to store ingredients, rest to continue the journey. Zombies will suddenly attack you while sleeping. So you have to be very careful to destroy them. In the game there are many areas to get items. The more remote and difficult to go places will contain more valuable items.

DawnOf Zombies mod

In particular, the forests will be full of Zombies and vicious thugs. You will use many skills to be able to destroy them. Players can turn on stealth mode temporarily. They help you hide from the ferocious Zombie hordes, then find a way to destroy the undead.

Build your own arsenal

Because in the chaotic world, it will be difficult for you to find available weapons. So let’s collect materials such as wood, stone, … to be able to make weapons and equipment. Clothes will help you live longer and withstand attacks, and weapons will be used to destroy Zombies. The higher the level of equipment, the more resistant it will be, however, you must find a lot of precious materials to be able to craft. Sometimes in the game screen there will be good weapons, such as submachine guns, grenade launchers. They help you kill Zombies faster.

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The only way to get resources is to explore new lands. However, there are always hidden hordes of vicious Zombies and traps. Or you can also search for resources by stealing other players’ items. This is a bad practice, but in turbulent times, this method will be very effective.

Join survival with friends

In the game Dawn of Zombies, you can play online with your friends. From there, you can build a solid base together and attack the Zombies. The more people linked together, the more you will win and receive more valuable items. Community and connection in the game is also very high. You will find it more enjoyable to play with your companions. Exploring and collecting materials together will make the game less boring and lonely.

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However, you also need to be careful, sometimes strange players will enter your house and steal your things. How much effort to gather resources can be lost overnight. So, allocate your resources to many places and protect your base firmly.

Dawn of Zombies MOD Version APK

  • Free crafting
  • Immortal
  • Freeze the enemy

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK is a very attractive post-apocalyptic survival game. The game has many levels with mysteries behind. You are free to explore and craft your own weapons. The friend connection mechanism is also appreciated and more attractive. Download this game right away and experience it.


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