Download Cube Escape: Theater MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK 3.1.4

Download Cube Escape: Theater MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK 3.1.4
Name Cube Escape: Theater
Publisher Rusty Lake
Latest Version 3.1.4
Genre Horror
Size 43 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Premium Unlock
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Cube Escape MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is the most attractive puzzle game of Rusty Lake for those who love puzzle adventure. Currently, this publisher has released the latest part called Cube Escape: Theater Let’s find out details about this newly released game with MODPURE.

download Cube Escape Theater mod

Download Cube Escape: Theater Mod – An engaging horror puzzle game

Cube Escape: Theater is part of the seventh installment of the Cube Escape mobile game series published by Rusty Lake. In this part, the game is set in the year 1971 when society was still quite ambiguous. This is a very popular time for scary horror stories to develop. Throughout the details in the game, you will gradually discover the horrible secrets in the big theater. The game Cube Escape: Theater consists of six different stories. Each story is related to the theater and contains terrifying, deadly secrets. The player’s task is to find the root cause of each story, stringing everything together. Gradually lift the veil of truth behind the horror story of the adventure.

Cube Escape: Theater Game Highlights

Part of the popular Cube Escape series

You are a “newbie” playing this game genre for the first time with enthusiasm and thinking not knowing how difficult the game is?Or are you a person who has a lot of experience in the field of puzzle games, familiar with challenging puzzles?

modCube Escape Theater

Whoever you are, try to experience the game Cube Escape: Theater, surely after playing you will have to admit that this is a difficult game, extremely painful. Although it is only a part of the Cube Escape series (including many other games such as Cube Escape Seasons, Cube Escape The Lake, Cube Escape Escape Paradox, ..), but the game Cube Escape: Theater also has many special highlights. In the theatrical world, the mind of Mr. Owl will attract players due to the complexity of the 6 stories. Like the other games in the series, right at the start of the game Cube Escape: Theater will lead you into the mysteries behind the blocks. The clues to solve the mystery such as drawings, shapes of objects are similar. In the game Cube Escape: Theater there will be some connection with the previous parts. However, in this part you will have the opportunity to experience the monstrosities interwoven with horror than the previous parts.

How to play

The principle of solving puzzles in the game Cube Escape: Theater is logical thinking. Players need to think carefully to solve the puzzles and situations that the game offers to achieve the goal of finding a way out of this horror theater.

hackCube Escape Theater

Corresponding to that task, the play error of Cube Escape: Theater is considered by many to be both strange and challenging. You will have to take turns interacting with the mysterious characters of the theater and other strange items. Then memorize and combine them together in multiple ways to create new clues. This will help you uncover the mystery behind the theater. During the game, players can freely move around the theater to check every nook and cranny, count objects and find hints for questions.

Graphics and sound

Cube Escape: Theater is a game with very simple graphics. But the colors and arrangement of objects, the face of the serious character in the game always exudes something strange and menacing. The excessive silence in every nook and cranny of the theater is enough to make anyone shiver in fear. Putting everything together, the scene is very suitable for the player’s imagination to “fly high” with fear gradually invading and spreading throughout the body.

CubeEscape Theater mod

When playing, because it is too attractive and there are times when you will feel scared and hide under the blanket to play. At that time you are in a state of suspense, fear, heart beats very fast even though in the game there are no ghost scenes or bloody murders. Fear originates from phobias in the player’s mind. Many people think that the fear of playing Cube Escape: Theater is completely bizarre. Just like when you see a handsome guy sitting and drinking juice. Suddenly he stopped and a screwdriver fell out of his mouth. Or the props of a painter in the game are human organs, withered infant corpses, etc. Even seeing those images, the character still calmly handles it, making the players goosebumps. Sound effects in the game are also very lively, with reasonable volume adjustment, making players feel stressed and anxious. The background music is soothing melodious or terrifyingly quiet at the right time. These effects are few but enough to give players goosebumps.

MOD version of Cube Escape: Theater APK

  • Premium Unlock

Cube Escape: Theater MOD APK is a creepy game that challenges the bravery of every player. Moreover you can completely play offline this game smoothly with small size on your phone.


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