Download Crab War MOD + APK 3.43.0 (Power up boost)

Download Crab War MOD + APK 3.43.0 (Power up boost)
Name Crab War
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Latest Version 3.43.0
Genre Adventure
Size 104 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Power up boost
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Crab War MOD APK takes you lost in the world of crabs. Here, reptiles always have the intention to attack and invade the land. With your skills, you need to control the crab army to stand up and defend the territory.

Download Crab War mod – Accompanying crabs to destroy reptiles

The game Crab War is set in the world of crabs. However, the arrival of some reptiles changed their lives. The lands inhabited by crabs are being taken over by the enemies. The player’s task now is to join the fight against the reptilian creatures with bad intentions. Crab War opens up an extremely dramatic battle and you have to face monsters much larger in size. To regain a peaceful life for crabs, you need to gather and create a powerful army, train them to become mighty warriors. From there you can get close to the enemy, rush and destroy the bad guys out of the living area of ​​the baby crabs.

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Crab War is a battle between crabs and monsters. Crab War gives players a whole new world, immersed in the fight for justice, regaining a place for all kinds of crabs. Here, you will accompany your friends as crabs, confront the enemy, step by step destroy them to protect the territory. However, when fighting monsters, players will encounter many challenges, the strength of the opponent is much greater than you. Therefore, you need to use reasonable and smart tactics to make the enemy have no chance to counterattack.

Battle with dangerous reptiles

The enemies of small crabs are extremely dangerous reptiles with great fighting power. Facing more than 50 different reptile species from small to large is not easy. To save energy, you should focus on killing small monsters first. Then coordinate with other warriors to slowly destroy the big one. The higher the level, the more the number of invaders, they will come crowded and faster, making it difficult for you to fight. Therefore, it requires you to gather more crab warriors to build a powerful army.

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Upgrade to fight

When facing a large army of reptiles, you need to equip crabs with special weapons. Do not neglect to train them to gain more fighting power. Crab War provides players with 3 main types of crabs: Emerald Crab, Crab Garnet, Crab Amethyst. Each crab species will have different fighting abilities. You let the crab evolve to increase combat speed and endurance. Then gather into an army of great power to destroy the enemy quickly. Each round is completed, Crab War will give you a new species of crab with higher fighting ability.

Destroy reptile

The main goal of the crab warriors is to destroy the reptiles. These enemies are extremely large and strong. So it is not easy to destroy them. Players need to control crabs to slowly approach the enemies, killing them unexpectedly as soon as the reptile’s HP drops to 0 so they can’t counterattack. The scarier the monster, the more it needs an army of crabs to come together to fight. Defeat monsters, you will receive many items and bonuses to equip yourself with more weapons.

Crab War MOD APK Version

  • Power up boost activated

Crab War is an interesting and attractive game for young people today. Here, you have to face a lot of challenges and difficulties to be able to destroy the bad guys, regain the inhabited land for the crabs. Download Crab War MOD APK to enjoy moments of exciting entertainment!


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