Download Chicken Gun MOD (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) + APK 2.9.01

Download Chicken Gun MOD (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) + APK 2.9.01
Name Chicken Gun
Publisher ChaloApps
Latest Version 2.9.01
Genre Action
Size 169 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money, Mega Menu
Get it On Google Play

Chicken Gun MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is known to many players as a funny, interesting action game in the first person, released by ChaloApps. You will be transformed into a white chicken, carrying a gun to fight everywhere to destroy other aggressive roosters. Are you excited to join the gunfight as a chicken?Let’s learn more about Chicken Gun in the article below.

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Download Chicken Gun Mod – Join the fun battles

Tired of traditional shooting games?In traditional shooting games, players will always have to transform into some guy or girl fighting for survival. Then with Chicken Gun everything is extremely new. In Chicken Gun, you will be a chicken with a “round” body but with an aggressive and warlike personality.”You” are always ready to take up arms and rush to destroy the chickens that are plotting to invade your territory, this will be a battle between the chickens. It sounds funny, but when you start the game, you should not be subjective. The difficulty of this game is considered to be no less than other shooting games. Chicken Gun game is built with funny gameplay but no less dramatic. At the same time, this game also possesses extremely lovely graphics, this is one of the factors that help Chicken Gun attract players.

Special points that help Chicken Gun attract gamers

A new “chicken” shooting experience

Right at the start of Chicken Gun, players will be able to choose the “chicken” character that they like. From the color of the feathers to the color of the crest on the top of the head, or the appearance of the chicken’s face, you can choose at will. Then don’t forget to give the chick a name!

Chicken Gun hack

Surely many of you are very curious about the “chicken fighting” battles. In Chicken Gun, the war of chickens will be conducted immediately without being lengthy. The fighting cock that the player chooses with a majestic gait will walk on the road with a gun and start searching everywhere to destroy the stubborn roosters who want to invade their area.

Very simple game sequence

Honestly, the operation in Chicken Gun game is quite simple, you just need to choose the weapon and touch the object to open the gun. Everything is considered neat and tidy. Every time you defeat an enemy, you will get extra points. When enough points, the system will provide the player with one or more items needed to level up the chicken.

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You can choose external accessories such as paper, belts, hats, etc. When you accumulate more points, the system will allow you to choose new weapons with the ability to damage, speed and spread.much wider. With these special weapons, you can easily destroy an entire team of aggressive roosters. Of course Chicken Gun will not be so easy, players need to be very focused. Enemies will appear more and more, the location of obstacles is more unpredictable. While the speed and ability of the chicken can only wait for the system to release. Don’t worry, the bonus mode in the game Chicken Gun is usually quite generous. So rest assured, your chicken will never be harmed compared to the aggressive chickens.

Highly entertaining, attractive to players with lovely graphics

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the shape of the chickens with many highly entertaining expressive nuances. You will have to laugh heartily with the “flip faster than rice paper” phase of the chicken. When he needed a gun in his hand, he looked very majestic, a little scowling, but when he died, the chicken’s face was lost and cowardly.

Chicken Gun mod

Not to mention the body with the round belly of the chicken that swings back and forth every time the scene changes. The rival cocks also have this “comedy” look. So it delivers the great entertainment that many players expect.

Don’t be fooled by looks

With the body of a chubby chicken, you will not be able to move as quickly as other shooters. In Chicken Gun, players will have to move quite slowly, which can be called sloppy in a very lovely way. Don’t forget that your “enemy” is as small as the chicken you’re moving. They will never stand still for you to aim and shoot, but will constantly move and run around making you struggle to find.

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One note when playing Chicken Gun is that you don’t get too close to the roosters. Because doing so may surprise you when you are jumped on your body leading to “dead” in anger. 

Chicken Gun APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited Names
  • Mega Menu

If you are a lover of shooting games but do not require high achievements, then Chicken Gun game is a great choice. The funny battle between chickens will help you relax and entertain every day. It’s a pity if you miss the interesting things in Chicken Gun MOD APK, quickly download the game to experience it for you.


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