Download CCleaner Pro MOD (Unlocked Pro) + APK 6.4.1

Download CCleaner Pro MOD (Unlocked Pro) + APK 6.4.1
Name CCleaner Pro
Publisher Piriform
Latest Version 6.4.1
Genre Tools
Size 35M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlock Pro
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CCleaner Pro MOD APK is the leading solution for users who want to clean junk files on mobile. Sometimes, you feel that your phone is suddenly running slow or laggy. One of the main reasons is the backlog of junk files, stored in the machine over time. To reduce the “burden” on the machine, you need to clean up the device by removing these junk files. With CCleaner Pro modpure, you can do this easily.

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Download CCleaner Pro Mod – Free cleaning application for mobile

Talking about device cleaning applications, it is difficult for anything to “surpass” Piriform’s CCleaner Pro. This App is not only useful but also safe, bringing many good features to users. Using the application is a way to clean and remove junk files on devices running the Android operating system. Since then, the problems encountered by the machine as well as the ability to operate are also solved. Simply removing junk files, but that’s enough to help increase the machine’s performance.

Clean up mobile junk files

CCleaner Pro brings many useful features to users. It provides tools for you to improve the speed of your device. Besides, junk files are also removed from the system. This helps the device reduce the burden, increase safety during use. Want the app to interfere more deeply, you need to grant access. Thanks to the integration of existing technology, this utility application can scan the entire folder on the user’s device. From cache to downloaded items or internet history,… It’s all in the “scan” area of ​​the app. Junk files will be listed in a list. Along with that is the capacity as well as the data that can be freed. With just one touch, everything will be cleaned up. As a result, the phone will drop the burden and run smoother and more stable.

CCleaner Pro mod

Friendly interface

It is very easy to use CCleaner Pro because it has a simple and scientific interface. As soon as you open the application, you will see the main features displayed in detail. With just a few simple touches, you can launch the application’s features. Despite its impressive ability to work, the app does not take up a large amount of device space. Moreover, thanks to the statistics feature, users will identify the apps that have an impact on mobile. During mobile usage, this cleaning app will help you monitor the amount of memory as well as RAM. This has great significance in detecting and removing unnecessary applications. The machine heats up, slows down, and the performance is poor partly due to a lot of Ram and internal memory. So, this overarching, monitoring feature brings a lot of benefits to users. Not to mention, CCleaner Pro also checks CPU and temperature, battery percentage.

Check device data

With heavy applications will take up a large amount of data. Without management applications like CCleaner Pro, it is difficult for you to know which apps take up a lot of data on your device. Thanks to the data consumption check, you will get specific information for an effective treatment solution. Besides, the application also provides a feature to track the app that consumes a lot of the phone’s battery.

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After a long time of use, there are apps that you rarely use. The application will make statistics so you can filter and remove the really unnecessary applications. This both saves time and helps the device free up memory and increase performance.

App stop feature

This is quite an impressive feature of this cleaning application. It can stop all apps even if those apps are running in the background on the device. When there is a need to reopen, these applications will work normally. And yet, with just one touch, you can apply this special feature.

MOD Version of CCleaner Pro APK

  • Unlock pro

At any time, when you see that the device is running slowly, there is a freeze or lag, open the CCleaner Pro application and start cleaning. Thanks to its powerful features, this application will help your device free up memory, remove unnecessary files and apps. Download CCleaner Pro MOD APK to use the application’s premium features for free now!


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