Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD (High dame, God mode) + APK v2.45.4

Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD (High dame, God mode) + APK v2.45.4
Name CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
Publisher ZeptoLab
Latest Version 2.45.4
Genre Action
Size 97 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD High dame, God mode
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CATS: Crash Arcena Turbo Stars by ZeptoLab will make you laugh during the experience. The action game contains many extremely humorous details. This helps players feel new and relax when accompanying the robot warriors in the game. The confrontation between extremely “weird” robots controlled by cats will not disappoint you. With CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK, you will experience the feeling of competition in the most comfortable environment.

Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Mod – Cat Robot War

A rather long name in the action game genre. It sounds quite bunker, but actually the humor and entertainment factor comes first. There will be no thrilling, dramatic or bloody arenas between cats in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. Instead, you will see confrontations with “supercars”. More specifically, the character controls the fighting car. Not anyone else, those are the cat bosses. Car fights, cat competitions, even “dressing up” for cats promise to help you reduce stress very effectively.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK

Select “cat boss”

As soon as you enter Crash Arena Turbo Stars, you will see an “unpleasant” cat with brief introduction lines. After the basic instructions, the game will ask if you are ready to participate. Immediately following are some instructions, helping players choose their favorite cat. You can start with the default design cat. Or customize it yourself for a cool and stylish boss.

Assembling combat robots

After choosing the cat will come to the most important part. That is choosing and conducting assembling and designing fighting vehicles. This game Crash Arena Turbo Stars broke all limits and norms. Players can unleash creativity, “custom” the car in their own style. Choose your parts and start assembling. Depending on your creativity, the car color and features will be different. Or to put it more simply, the combat ability of the vehicle depends on your own design. According to experienced players, the details should be minimized. Do not be bulky because it is not only difficult to move but also has a lot of disadvantages when fighting. Instead, you should focus on the essential details. Light, compact vehicles with good combat skills will gain an advantage when competing. Not only that, the small car, later on, it becomes easier to upgrade. Besides “shaping” the vehicle, you also need to equip more weapons for your combat robot. Crash Arena Turbo Stars has an impressive list of guns. Choose powerful types, the right size for combat vehicles. Even in the first level, you can assemble with the given parts. If you want to “customize your car” with more complicated things, you have to wait for higher levels. Once completed, the battle officially begins.

Automatic combat

The fighting style of Crash Arena Turbo Stars is like cockfighting, cricket fighting. In this game, the cars are the “boxers”. After bringing the car into the arena, they will automatically fight each other. The two sides will pinch each other, attack with equipped weapons. The most impressive must mention the car flip screen. Victory will go to the car that rammed the opponent’s engine. Initially, the battle was quite gentle because at this time the vehicle was not equipped with many accessories as well as heavy weapons. As time went on, this clash became more and more intense. The robots of both sides are large in size with a pitiful appearance. The two will rush into each other and fight fiercely. This will be a spectacular battle because the cars of the two “boss” are equipped with military weapons such as long-range guns, missiles, … Winning the final, having excellent “butting” screens will help you get valuable rewards. It can be the number of points accumulated, plus the ability to accelerate or upgrade. Especially the upgrade of weapons as well as honor medals for the winners.

Fun game mode

Although there are only 2 game modes, each mode is “out of the box”. You can play against the computer or compete with your friends. Each mode has its own attractions. If you can invite your friends to play this “war cat” game, you can enjoy playing with each other. However, it is quite “black” that this mode has not been opened by the publisher. Therefore, you can wait by experiencing the game mode with the machine. This mode is also very interesting. There are many levels of play for you to take on the challenge. For the normal level, the task is very simple, you just need to put the car in the arena and watch them fight automatically. However, with higher levels, you will challenge with 5 tournaments. The difficulty of each tournament is different from you, at high levels, enemy cats have stronger and fiercer vehicles. In return, if you win, you will have a lot of advantages. The champion’s bonus gives you an impressive chance to “transform”. From a simple design vehicle to a powerful, aggressive vehicle that fights like a beast. This will definitely make you feel extremely excited. Not only that, winning levels also bring you fame. Put your name at the top of the rankings. Go from the bottom to the top of the list. To get this achievement is a proud effort in Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars hack

Graphics and sound

The graphics and sound of Crash Arena Turbo Stars are also very unique. Bright colors, sharp images, cute and fun. Along with that, there are beautiful 3D scenes, creating interesting confrontations. In addition, the sound is lively and reasonably integrated. Background music, collision sounds and many other voices contribute to the relaxing clashes.

MOD APK version of Crash Arena Turbo Stars

  • High dame
  • God mode

If you are looking for a new game that is both good, funny, and entertaining, you must definitely try Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK. The game is not too special but still deserves to be in the top new action games worth experiencing. You will be accompanied by cute cat bosses. More importantly, try your hand at the process of “tuning cars”, putting them in competition with the opponent. Download the Crash Arena Turbo Stars mod hack to become the champion of the exciting racing tournament right now!


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