Download Bowmasters MOD (Character Unlocked) + APK v6.0.7

Download Bowmasters MOD (Character Unlocked) + APK v6.0.7
Name Bowmasters
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Latest Version 6.0.7
Genre Action
Size 206 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 +
MOD Character Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
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It is easy to see that the “corner” genre games have become quite popular and popular among gamers. Angry Birds is a classic example, or the online game iGà is of great interest to many Vietnamese players. Gunny and Gunbound must have also become unforgettable memories for many people on PC. Besides the above legendary names, Bowmasters is also an equally popular archery game. Let’s explore and download Bowmasters MOD APK to your device!.

Download Bowmasters Mod –  Extremely attractive coordinate shooting game

Bowmasters is a free coordinate shooter on Google Play Store and Appstore. The game has attractive gameplay that is inspired by popular games like Angry Birds or DDTank with fresh, eye-catching graphics that bring players an equally interesting experience. Bowmasters coordinate shooting is generally easier to play, less stressful, and highly entertaining.

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Simple and engaging gameplay

Bowmasters gameplay is very simple, depending on the character selected, players use items to aim and shoot enemies. You can associate the game with famous games like Gunny or “throw the sandal” that we used to play before. Basically, players just need to align and drag the bow to hit the target. When hitting an opponent’s part, the health value will decrease faster than other parts, and the opponent’s health will gradually decrease until it reaches zero. The side that runs out of blood first, that side will lose. Although the gameplay is simple and easy to play, everything is not as easy as you think. You must accurately calculate the force and angle to have an accurate bow drop. After shooting, it will be the enemy’s turn, if you miss, you will have a difficult position and easily be finished by the opponent. Bowmasters has no plot. However, you don’t need to worry too much. Your mission is to destroy all enemies to win. However, I think if the game had a short story, perhaps it would be more engaging and interesting.

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The system of funny, cool characters

An equally interesting element is the character system in Bowmasters. The game has up to 30 “fake” characters of famous characters in comics, One Disney or Cartoon Network cartoons such as Mario, Nyan Cat, Deadpool… The game also features DJ Skrillex. Bowmasters offers an interesting experience as each character has their own style, approach to opponents and weapons, from primitive to modern, and the damage effect of each weapon will also be different. This contributes to helping players not get bored and will be attracted to each character. After each match, if you win, you will unlock new characters or receive additional bonuses to buy characters. Win with the first character, you will go with the next character. Players can also change their character by purchasing it in the in-game store. For some characters, you have to pay with real money to buy them. Characters cost 23,000 VND – 2,350,000 VND.

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Diverse character system with corresponding weapons

The highlight of the Bowmasters game is that it supports many different game modes, up to 6 modes. They will be unlocked one after another if you meet the requirements of each mode, mostly by reaching a sufficient number of wins. Super hot game modes of the game such as:

  • Online PvP: This is an online game mode where you will play against other players or your friends through Game Center. Game Center will automatically find other players that match you.
  • Play against the computer (Vs Computer): This is a mode where you will fight a computer-generated character, and also fun when the system will randomly choose a character to fight with you.
  • Bird hunt: This mode allows you to shoot birds flying in the sky for 60 seconds and your character will change weapons after each failed or successful shot.
  • Tournaments: If you win 20 matches playing in “Vs Computer” mode, this is the last mode to be opened. This mode will allow you to fight against many other opponents automatically generated by the computer. There are 3 levels, from easy to difficult, which will open in sequence if you win the previous round.
  • Vs friends: If you want to fight with your friends, you can play this mode. Each player will choose 1 character and fight in turn. The gameplay is similar to the “Vs Computer” mode.
  • Apple Shooting: This is definitely one of the most challenging modes in Bowmasters MOD APK. Your task is to shoot the fruit on the head of the character, the difficulty increases after each hit. Characters will stand further away, and of course the fruit on their heads will be smaller.

Vivid graphics and sound

Bowmasters has simple 2D cartoon graphics, colorful and varied characters and weapons. Playful, funny characters with different expressions. Along with that are lively, fun effects. For example, when thrown, flying weapons emit colored light bars. When the weapon hit the ground, the colored stripes broke into small dots, flew in many directions, and disappeared. Each weapon will have a different color stripe to create a sense of excitement for the player. Accompanied by sound effects such as the sound of weapons colliding, the character’s cry when hit by bullets, the sound of weapons falling … giving players more stimulation and excitement. Besides, the background music is fun but equally exciting, creating tension like a real match. Overall, Bowmasters is a super fun and easy to play shooter. Moreover, the rich character system, diverse game modes and beautiful graphics are points that not all free games have. So, quickly download Bowmasters MOD APK for free and experience it today!


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