Download Boobs vs Aliens MOD + APK 0.9.97 (MENU MOD)

Download Boobs vs Aliens MOD + APK 0.9.97 (MENU MOD)
Name Boobs vs Aliens
Publisher Nutaku
Latest Version 0.9.97
Genre NSFW
Size 74 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Menu
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Boobs vs Aliens Mod is an NSFW game with familiar tower defense gameplay, where players will help keep the earth safe from the threat of enemies from space. The 18+ element is also harmoniously integrated when enjoying, promising to bring you extremely attractive experiences.

Download Boobs vs Aliens Mod – Join the defense game with hot girls

Have you ever thought about participating in familiar tower defense battles by controlling hot girls?This is not often the case in today’s tactical tower defense games. But Boobs vs Aliens will completely change your look when it comes to female warriors. When participating in the game, you will learn how to fight and control your army in each battle. From there, find out deep inside each person’s soul, they all have sexual desires after each battle. How will you satisfy each person’s needs?Boobs vs Aliens is the next 18+ product from the publisher Nutaku and you will not be able to find it on Google Play or the App Store. But you can download it for free via the link at the end of the article.

Familiar battle story

The constant development of the Earth causes our world to be watched by forces from space. These alien entities have really understood us, including our way of life and civilization. After a long time of research, a long-term invasion strategy was organized with the participation of elite troops. Faced with that situation, a character was chosen to complete the mission of protecting the Earth. He is a weapon shop owner with incredible mental strength and special weapons. Moreover, this guy’s relationship with girls is very good because most of the hot girls around the world are under his wing. Do you want to know what this guy’s secret is?Sign in to Boobs vs Aliens to find out now.

The only goal is to win

Join Boobs vs Aliens, players will go to many different locations to prevent the attack of enemies in space. The fighting style of this game is on the familiar horizontal screen. Thanks to that, the player will prevent and defeat the enemy from a direct perspective. That is, the two sides will fight each other continuously, through which the tactical element is the key point to help you win. Basically, in each level, you will see a green wall of health displayed in the left corner of the screen and a progress bar in the right corner. You need to make sure that your team’s health bar is always full or you don’t want to lose. Conversely, when the progress bar is full, that’s when you are about to complete the assigned challenge. Besides, a number of support items are also built-in to help players gain an advantage in critical situations.

A lot of challenges are waiting for you

There are quite a few challenges that you need to overcome in Boobs vs Aliens, from simple to complex ones. In the beginning, things are usually very simple for the player to approach until the enemy’s strength increases significantly. This means that you need to upgrade your character’s strength regularly after each level. Think carefully before making the decision to upgrade weapons to optimize the strength of the character. Moreover, there are up to 10 female warriors with different strengths and appearances for players to freely explore.

Advanced 2D Graphics

It’s a pity that the graphics quality of Boobs vs Aliens is only 2D, but the detail that this game brings is quite good and there is nothing to complain about. The battles in the game are good in terms of graphics, especially the battles. Players will see smooth enemy movements, along with various combat effects right on the main screen. Not only that, the image of female warriors in the game really makes us feel very excited. They have good looks, sexy clothes and more than 80 adult videos that let you explore freely. Of course, you need to make sure that you are 18 years old to play this game.

Boobs vs Aliens Mod is a tower defense game with a relatively strange operation compared to other products on the game market. Besides the traditional gameplay, players will have the opportunity to meet hot female warriors and command them in battles. With each win, you get the chance to sleep with any girl you want. There are quite a few types of uncensored sex in this game. Do you want to explore all of these?

Boobs vs Aliens MOD APK Version

  • Silent Enemies / Don’t Attack
  • Upgrade heroes for free
  • Free Weapon Upgrade
  • Unlock the ammo chest
  • Unlock the Black Market Chest
  • High Power

Download Boobs vs Aliens MOD APK for Android


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