Download Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v3.10.1

Download Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v3.10.1
Name Beyblade Burst Rivals
Publisher Epic Story Interactive
Latest Version 3.10.1
Genre Puzzle
Size 415 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a game inspired by the famous movie of the same name. However, instead of bringing action elements, the game is more about puzzles with unique gameplay. This attracts many people to download their devices to experience. However, you will surely love it even more when the Mod APK version that supports many new features comes out. Let’s find out what is outstanding about Beyblade Burst Rivals, different from other puzzle games!

Download Beyblade Burst Rivals mod – New attractive puzzle style

Beyblade Burst Rivals is based on the action movie Beyblade Burst but applies puzzle mechanics. The game is a combination of adventure elements, match-3 and gyro mechanics. That makes the difference between thousands of other puzzle games on the market. Another part is due to the popularity of the action movie of the same name that helped the game build a big buzz. In app stores, the number of mobile downloads is still increasing day by day, year by year. The main genre that this game is aimed at is match-3. This is a genre with simple gameplay but very good logical thinking training. Depending on the level, the difficulty will increase gradually and challenge the player. A lot of people think that match-3 is quite simple but in reality it is both easy and difficult. However, this game is different from the previous match-3 genres.

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The game is set in the action movie Beyblade Burst, so if you have seen this movie, you will see a lot of similarities. It is the story of teenagers who dream of becoming the strongest Blader. In which Valt Aoi and his friends trained and participated in many different big and small battles. It sounds like the plot has a lot of action elements, so why use the match-3 genre. That is the good thing that this game brings to players. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay mechanics to see how ingenious the publisher has developed!


Beyblade Burst Rivals allows players to choose their character from the start. You will see extremely familiar faces from the movie itself applied to the game. They are the brave future Bladers who are on their way to conquer every war. And accompanying them is the gyro weapon Bey and friends. Are you ready to join the fight?And the match-3 element appears to challenge you to release these spins. Match each brick of the same color to break them all and the gyro will gradually appear. Collect a complete set of all the spinning tops and enter the real battlefields with your weapons. From there, start to challenge other Bladers to improve your fighting ability.

Upgrade combat power

In the beginning Bey gyroscopes only have basic fighting power, you need to master the spinning techniques to improve them. For example: Quake Launch, Rush Launch, Counter Break, … to defeat the opponent. The higher the gyro’s stats, the better the attack ability. At the same time, when upgrading the gyro, you also need to upgrade your own skills. The stronger you are, the easier it will be to fight and win. Because the later opponents have great power and surprise you.

BeybladeBurst Rivals MOD

Various characters, gyro

Sticking to the storyline of Beyblade Burst, this game also offers a diverse character selection. In Beyblade Burst Rivals, players can meet Valt Aoi, Daigo, Ken, Rantaro, Wakiya, Xander, Zac, Shu,… Choose any character and you will decide their future as Blader. In addition, players also need to collect enough gyros like in the movie version. You will encounter famous gyros such as: Raging Roktavor, Xeno Xcalius, Storm Spryzen, Victory Valtryek,… Collect all the gyros and start your battle journey towards the future.

Excellent graphics

The plus point not to be missed in this game is the extremely unique graphics. Each game map has a different color. It is also the color of the familiar gyros in the movie. Moreover, players also enjoy great effects when the Bladers fight. In addition, the main sound is part of the success of the game. The background music is sometimes gentle, cheerful, bright, but also sometimes very heroic, showing drama. Especially in challenging battles that really make players feel like they are immersed in Beyblade Burst.

Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK

Burst Rivals MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money

If you think puzzle games are just boring entertainment, try Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK and experience the difference. Role-playing, adventure, match-3 elements are shown very clearly and increase the difficulty of the game. Also choose your favorite character in Beyblade Burst and bring them to the top of battle. Are you ready to conquer this version of Beyblade Burst Rivals?


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