Download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD (Unlimited Money, Items) + APK 2.6.8

Download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD (Unlimited Money, Items) + APK 2.6.8
Name Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots
Publisher FoxForce Games
Latest Version 2.6.8
Genre Action
Size 112M
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money, items
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Armored Squad MOD APK (Unlimited money) for players to participate in the fiery war of destruction machines. This special shooting game draws its charm from special things. The warriors in the game are not ordinary people. They are all modern robots, equipped with impressive combat abilities. If you want to try new gun battles and own the strongest warrior machine, you should not ignore Armored Squad.

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Download Armored Squad Mod – Destroyer Robot Warrior

Armored Squad released by Fox Force Games is a shooting action game. In fact, this game is not of the “see to want to play” type. Because the game’s graphics are designed in a separate way. Usually, action shooters are designed in a super realistic 3D style. The second is to use simple 2D graphics or in the classic pixel style. However. This game is different in that it blends many different styles. Dramatic scenes but with colorful backgrounds, a little dazzled. Even so, you still feel the fierce, competitive nature of the destruction machines. This real-time shooter is a product that combines many elements. The novelty plus variety promises to bring players the most unforgettable experience.

New gameplay

Armored Squad’s combat mechanics are simple but not easy to grasp. At first, you will struggle a bit to get used to and fully grasp the skill buttons of the fighting robot. Join the game, you will play the role of a fighting robot with an extremely strange appearance. The first place you come to is a small town. Here, you can learn and master the entire character control mechanism as well as how the game works. On the left is the button to move, on the right is to perform specific actions of the robot.

Intense PvP battles begin as soon as you’re ready. Your opponents are other online players. All will be present in the same real-time arena. The battle map in the game is randomly installed by the system. Two teams of robots will rush into battle, whichever side wins has a worthy reward. To destroy the enemy, you must determine the correct shooting range. Aim at the right target, shoot decisively to eliminate the enemy. Want to become stronger, practice fighting skills, coordinate well with teammates to create the best battle. In the process of robot fighting, if you are unlucky to be “meaning off”, then only 3 seconds later you can respawn and continue to fight. Each match has a specific time limit. The game time is over, the team that defeats more robots wins.

Mission and equipment

Armored Squad has up to 60 levels for you to conquer. All are head-to-head matches against AI robots. Besides, the mission system of the game is also divided into 3 different levels and a series of attractive game modes. Each mode, each level of play has its own unique points. Feel free to challenge, conquer the levels to become the strongest robot warrior.

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In terms of equipment, needless to say, this shooting game lets you immerse yourself in a huge arsenal. In addition to machine guns, you can also “bem” the enemy with rocket lasers, even sharp mirrors. For each strategy, there will be a specific type of suitable equipment. In addition, Armored Squad also has many unique weapons. Typically shields or force fields. Especially the robot assembly feature with available accessories. Create a unique style for each robot to become the most outstanding robot on the battlefield. After each mission, you will collect the most amount of money the enemy. Accumulating enough will help you unlock many other special characters. There are many impressive robot machines with terrible fighting ability waiting for you to own.

3D Graphics

This part I shared a little bit at the beginning. With 3D graphics combined with Minecraft style, the game creates different images. The battle that was already dramatic is now more interesting and relaxing thanks to the environment filled with color and light. The confrontation between the warrior robots makes gamers think of the confrontation of colorful fruits. Perhaps, this new style has created a special attraction for FoxFore Games products.

Armored Squad MOD Version APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Items
  • No Ads

All in all, Armored Squad is an interesting game. Although not too special, it is still worth a try. Relax with the skirmishes, dramatic confrontation between two robot factions. Create the most powerful robot warrior to become the invincible. Download Armored Squad MOD APK to your device to participate in the most attractive robot gun battles.


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