Download 7 Billion Zombies MOD + APK 1.3.43 (Menu, DMG, Immortal)

Download 7 Billion Zombies MOD + APK 1.3.43 (Menu, DMG, Immortal)
Name 7 Billion Zombies
Latest Version 1.3.43
Genre Role Playing
Size 117 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, DMG, Immortal
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There are countless zombie-themed games as the main plot, but 7 Billion Zombies MOD APK still leaves the most impression. When the whole world is engulfed in darkness and you are the few who can confront the zombies, will you be brave enough to fight them? Fighting to defeat the zombies is not easy, but not without opportunity. Download 7 Billion Zombies mod to become a warrior to retain the inherent peace of the planet you live on.

download 7 Billion Zombies mod

Download 7 Billion Zombies mod – The world is invaded by zombies

As the name of the game – 7 Billion Zombies, you will have to fight with 7 billion bloodthirsty zombies. They appear anytime and anywhere with disgusting blood and are ready to attack anyone who is not their ally. You are the only player who has good resistance to not being infected by viruses and turning into zombies. That is also the reason why you must do your best to fight them and save the peace of mankind. You can get the support of some superheroes. These heroes have the ability to fight on their own without relying too much on your control. However, in urgent cases, you must stand up to coordinate if the number of zombies is too large. Strong connection with the warrior, not to be defeated by any opponent, these are the factors that you need to keep in mind. The graphics of 7 Billion Zombies are refreshed in an impressive anime style. The character creation is no longer so scary as people often imagine about zombies. All 7 zombie cabinets are bloodthirsty and looking for you to destroy, or proactively before all their attacks to prolong life in the game.

Special bonus for newbies

For new players, it is understandable that they are not familiar with the operation. However, rest assured that after only a few days you will find that killing zombies is not scary at all. In particular, just log in to your account and participate in 5 days, you can own 57000 points and use it to buy necessary items. With other games, you have to fight through a lot of rounds to get the above score, but 7 Billion Zombies gave you free as a bonus for a new player.

Flexible command of all attacks

As a commander of the army fighting in 7 Billion Zombies, players need to come up with a really smart and sensitive strategy. You should arrange specific troops in each certain case to preserve the force as well as defeat the entire number of cruel zombies. Continuously give unexpected counterattacks, but do not forget to dodge the opponent’s pieces. Before thinking of victory, you need to protect your life against the retaliation of the zombies.

Character Summoning

There is a very special feature that 7 Billion Zombies sets up for players is the ability to summon characters. In critical situations, players can use this feature to form a stronger army, decisively fighting the zombies to the end. Each character has a unique power, which can work together to fight enemies. The larger the army, the more active you will be in dealing with 7 billion zombies. However, it is the players themselves who need to improve their skills regularly to win there.

7 Billion Zombies mod APK

Interesting events

Do not ignore the arena events that 7 Billion Zombies brings, here you will have the opportunity to receive a lot of diamonds and valuable items. Of course, when you set foot in the arena, you need to be prepared to face many difficult challenges ahead. Take advantage of opportunities and advantages to defeat a large number of zombies, this will help you in the next matches. Winning in every arena that you enter is the top goal that players should set.

MOD APK version of 7 Billion Zombies

  • Menu
  • DMG coefficient
  • Immortal

Although it is a topic that is exploited a lot, the games related to changing ghosts have never cooled down with the gaming community, and 7 Billion Zombies is no exception to that. Fight bravely, command a flexible army and bring about as many victories as possible. Download 7 Billion Zombies mod and save the world before being invaded by zombies.


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