Zombie Tsunami MOD APK 4.5.133 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK 4.5.133 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)
Name Zombie Tsunami
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L
Latest Version 4.5.133
Genre Simulation
Size 78 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 +
MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Get it On Google Play

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited money, diamonds) is an entertaining game that is too familiar to many players in the world today. If you are afraid of shooting games with terrible Zombie shapes, why not try this game. The difference in shape to gameplay has attracted millions of downloads on many different platforms. It will be difficult for a game of the same genre to successfully surpass this game. Take control of an army of monsters to conquer each location around the world.

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod – Awesome brain-eating zombie game

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Zombie Tsunami was designed by Mobigame S. A. R. L.with a plot of zombies biting people and infecting people. However, the expression of this game developer is really funny and highly entertaining. You know, Zombies are very bloodthirsty and constantly replenish their fellows with quality “bites”. But is the number of zombies really good on each road? The answer is definitely not. You need to collect as many Zombies in the game as possible. However, as the game speed increases, maneuvering the legion through the obstacles becomes more difficult than ever. Let your desire to turn the world into a zombie help you overcome all difficulties along the way. Along with that is completing the task to “break the island” this game.

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Extremely engaging gameplay

Zombie Tsunami designed in the form of scrolling screen. Players need to collect more fellows into the legion. Simultaneously control and avoid obstacles (bombs, holes, vehicles, planes,…). In addition to the difficulties you may encounter, you will receive a lot of help. Let’s collect a lot of gold coins to equip more items for Zombie.

Transfiguration spells

Support transformation will make the Zombie army stronger. When walking on the road, you will encounter square boxes with question marks. Tap them to get one of the following transformations:

  • Tsunami: This is the most popular transformation. The Zombie Legion will travel on the tsunami strip destroying everything in its path.
  • UFO: there will be a flying saucer hovering above the Zombie crew. Every few seconds, UFO revives one more Zombie for you.
  • Dragon: transforms the entire army into a dragon. Dragons have the ability to hover or walk on the ground.
  • GiantZ: turns into a giant with many eyes, eats all gold when encountered. At the same time, GiantZ can also emit a laser that destroys all objects when it comes to scanning.
  • Ninja: This transformation aid allows Zombies to double jump and throw darts to destroy bombs and other objects.
  • Quarterback: become the rugby players who destroy everything. However, its weakness is that it cannot jump far when it encounters a hole.
  • Balloon: make the Zombie legion float in the air. However, when encountering hanging bombs or planes, you need to touch the screen to bring them down.
  • Mecha: use a sharp saw to cut everything you encounter.
  • RiderZ: ignore all worries with holes when turning into RiderZ – Zombie Immortal.

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Various vehicles to accommodate people

In addition to the pedestrians easily bitten by Zombies, there are many vehicles to help you add to your army. However, in Zombie Tsunami, these vehicles require a sufficient number of existing Zombies to be destroyed.

  • Trash: requires at least 2 Zombies to push to get 1 villager or 4 gold coins.
  • Cars: need 4 Zombies to push and get 1 more team member.
  • Bus: Need 8 Zombies to push to get 2 members.
  • Tank: 12 Zombies gathered together can be pushed and get 3 more members.
  • Airplane: need 16 Zombies to push and collect 4 brains.
  • Depending on how many Zombies you currently have to decide to push or ignore these vehicles.

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Tasks and item packs

The mission system in the game Zombie Tsunami is very much. You need to fill 16 essence potions to collect the statues. Meanwhile, must complete at least 3 missions to explode 1 jar. The later the potions are, the more quests need to be completed. When the essence pots are full, you can get Zombie hat equipment, new background packs,… In addition, these equipment can be purchased in the Market. The more money you collect, the more things you can equip Zombies. In which, the bird eggs (pets) are the most expensive and help the player the most. Also at the Market, you can upgrade the power of morph aids to last longer or advance more. In addition, the graphics and sound of Zombie Tsunami help users feel more excited each game. The Zombies are designed extremely funny, smashing the fear of zombies.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Diamonds
  • Unlock all

Generally, anyone who has played Zombie Tsunami will find it extremely addictive. Unlimited Money Mod also helps you equip more items for your army to overcome obstacles. Are you ready to control an army of Zombies to destroy the world?Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Hack Full to your device and experience the most relaxing and comfortable moments.

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK for Android


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