Download YouTube Vanced MOD (Remove Ads) + APK v17.03.38

Download YouTube Vanced MOD (Remove Ads) + APK v17.03.38
Name YouTube Vanced
Publisher Team Vanced
Latest Version 17.03.38
Genre Tools
Size 79 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Remove Ads
Get it On Google Play

YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular youtube video access applications. There are a lot of people searching and downloading YouTube Vanced apps to use. YouTube Vanced is compatible with many mobile devices and works seamlessly. Especially this YouTube Vanced MOD APK version does not come with ads, you can comfortably watch videos without being interrupted by ads. Let’s learn more about the YouTube Vanced application in the article below.

Download YouTube Vanced MOD APK – Watch Youtube without ads

YouTube Vanced is developed by Vancedapp company. This is a special mod of the Youtube application. In another form, YouTube Vanced is the second version of youtube but has been adjusted to suit users. YouTube Vanced has many features and is suitable for young people, children and adults. With access to YouTube Vanced, you can surf videos easily and explore everything. This application is suitable for Android mobile devices and there is no iOS version yet. Hopefully in the not too distant future, the developer will expand this application to Apple’s home. Users can download and experience the YouTube Vanced application completely free of charge. Especially not being interrupted by ads like on the official youtube version.

Youtube Vanced MOD

Special features available on

YouTube Vanced completely removes annoying ads for viewers. Usually, the videos on youtube, viewers will have to see the ads. Sometimes there are ads that you are not interested in. This makes the experience worse and you get angry easily. This is Youtube’s monetization mechanism, so you can’t do anything else. However, when you install YouTube Vanced, you can watch videos for hours without any ads interrupting. This helps users enjoy and install this application to watch videos for free. Some ads will contain objectionable, age-inappropriate, or even meaningless content. This causes the viewer to be overwhelmed and interrupted. The feature of YouTube Vanced is very special, you can turn ads on and off quickly or block ads that appear while watching. From there, you can listen to music or watch your favorite movies without being disturbed. You also don’t have to use the remote to click off ads early on Youtube. When using YouTube Vanced, users can customize whether to turn off or block ads on their android devices.

Good sound quality and brightness

In addition to ad customization, YouTube Vanced also makes it easy to adjust volume and lighting. You just need to swipe the screen up and drag the ball to increase or decrease the brightness and sound. The original application of Youtube also has not been integrated with this unique feature. YouTube Vanced offers a fairly flexible sound intensity control panel. You can operate it by gently touching it without pressing another key.

Listen to music, watch movies without opening the screen

For busy people who do not have time to follow their favorite videos or movies directly. They can enable automatic listening without opening the screen. This feature helps you to save battery life and not need to be glued to the screen to still receive information from the video. This helps you to increase battery life and reduce eye strain. YouTube Vanced is really the quintessence of youtube. They can remove ads, increase video playback performance, and load quickly. This application is rated as the leading video and music player software today. The outstanding features integrated into YouTube Vanced will help you have a great experience without any hassle. Regarding the battery saving feature, if watching videos on YouTube Vanced you lose 2% of your battery, compared to Youtube, you will lose up to 10% of your battery.1 performance is really remarkable.

YoutubeVanced MOD APK

Picture-in-picture display

On the official Youtube version, the publisher only allows you to watch this 1 application but cannot watch videos on other platforms at the same time. But for YouTube Vanced, you can watch 2 videos on youtube and tiktok at the same time. You can also watch youtube videos while surfing facebook or website. A small frame below the application will help you continue to watch the video. This feature is quite special, they help you not to be interrupted when watching videos. At the same time can update other news. This is a pretty smart, modern feature.

How to download and install YouTube Vanced application

Currently, downloading and installing the YouTube Vanced application is not difficult. You can do it right on your phone:

  • Step 1: Go to MODPURE. CO and download the YouTube Vanced app. Then proceed to extract and install the APK file.
  • Step 2: You wait a few minutes for the installation process to complete on your phone. You can then log in to the app to watch the video.

The steps to install the YouTube Vanced application are extremely simple. The software is also quite lightweight and does not slow down your phone. One advantage of YouTube Vanced software is its beautiful interface and optimized user experience. You can now watch videos up to 4K in full light. They also have a built-in video auto-playback feature. This application is rated quite safe and there are no issues about user privacy.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK Version

  • Remove Ads

With the above advantages, it is a pity if you do not own the YouTube Vanced MOD APK software on your phone. This is a smart and necessary application for watching videos on youtube. Download YouTube Vanced APK now and install it on your device.


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