Download Westland Survival MOD (Free crafting, VIP) + APK 3.2.0

Download Westland Survival MOD (Free crafting, VIP) + APK 3.2.0
Name Westland Survival
Publisher Helio Games
Latest Version 3.2.0
Genre Adventure
Size 86 MB
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Free crafting, VIP
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Westland Survival MOD APK (Crafting, VIP) for players to try the harsh life in the Wild West. This is not a tour but a survival experience. However, during the game, you can enjoy the typical landscape of the West with many eye-catching scenes. The survival mission is challenging, but you can completely overcome it if you have enough experience and perseverance. Join Westland Survival to start with a fascinating survival journey.

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Download Westland Survival Mod – Survival in the Wild West

The survival role-playing game by Helio Games received high scores on many platforms. This proves that the game has many unique features, attracting players. Westland Survival has many similarities with other survival games. However, the game company still creates a highlight thanks to different things. The difference that makes this good is only felt by the game experience. The Wild West setting makes you feel more at ease. However, danger is always lurking, you can be in danger at any time. So, stay focused, enjoy the feeling of being a cowboy riding a horse in the West and do your best with the survival mission in this place.

New plot

With Westland Survival, you can experience a game with a unique storyline. As shared, the game revolves around the American West region. This is fertile ground for criminals. Bounty hunting, smuggling and illegal activities are always here.

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Dangerous people seem to flock to this “cowboy” land. Law is just a cover. The powerful and the criminals in this place had a convention. Just like “river water does not harm well water”, so even if there is a murder in this West, the police will also make it through. Even the police can sell out a good person to get dollars. This is the reason, the honest people in this land must find a way to protect themselves. Surviving in the West is something extremely difficult. As a merchant, during a shipment passing through this place, your convoy was attacked. All members of the crew were killed. As the lucky survivor, you need to make an effort to get safe in this place. Along with that is the task of finding out who is behind the robbery. You are determined to find the masterminds, make them pay. A hanging rope or a bullet in the heart?Complete the quest and give them a happy death.

Survive in a dangerous land

From being a merchant to being empty-handed and lonely. In this Wild West, you become the pitiful one. How to continue to survive in this dangerous land?The most important thing right now is life. In order to live, you must first have food and drink. So your first mission is to find food. Then collect materials, make weapons, hunt for food reserves.

Westland Survival mod

This place is really dangerous when night falls. You don’t know what will come out of the darkness. Build yourself a makeshift house. You can build a residence out of wood or stone. This is where you rest, ensure safety after a tiring day.

Perform transactions, prevent danger

Westland Survival is not an anti-zombie survival game. So you can open doors, trade with many other people. The Wild West is inhabited by many people. For arable crops or surplus mining materials, trade them. You can sell for money or exchange for what you need. In addition, always be careful with your relationships as well as your own health. If you do not have enough water and food in your body, you will not have enough energy to continue. When an injury requires treatment, avoid the condition becoming dangerous. Especially wary of strangers. They could be bandits, bounty hunters, wild beasts living around this place. Even the attack of other players to steal the items you have.

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To survive in this West, create yourself powerful weapons and enhance your fighting ability. Stats such as health and strength will gradually improve as you reach higher levels. In particular, next to the survival mission is a series of entertaining games. In the image of a cowboy, leisurely riding a horse, herding sheep grazing freely. Or challenge yourself to gunfights for extra bonuses.

Beautiful 3D graphics

Westland Survival’s success is partly due to its image quality. The game’s graphics are realistic with realistic and vivid details. The Western landscape is impressively depicted with specific scenes and people. The 3rd perspective helps gamers cover everything better. An American West with a familiar cowboy on the screen is reproduced very realistically in the game.

MOD version of Westland Survival APK

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Impressive gameplay and unique graphic style give Westland Survival a special charm. You can take the time to feel the lifestyle of a cowboy in the American West. Challenge to survive, while enjoying life in the wilderness. Download Westland Survival MOD APK to become a real cowboy in this fascinating survival game.


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