Download Very Little Nightmares APK v1.2.2 for Android

Download Very Little Nightmares APK v1.2.2 for Android
Name Very Little Nightmares
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Latest Version 1.2.2
Genre Adventure
Size 46 Mb
Requires Android
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Very Little Nightmares APK is a very attractive puzzle and adventure game. You will transform into a tiny character to explore the small world. From the screen is designed full of ghosts, you have to find the necessary items to overcome. The game is a combination of thrilling, mysterious and creepy elements. Players will experience many different levels of emotions. Let’s learn more about the game Very Little Nightmares through the following article.

Download Very Little Nightmares APK – Exciting puzzle and exploration game

Very Little Nightmares has been out for quite a while, in 2014. Since its release, this game has become a craze in the gaming community. Millions of downloads on Android and iOS have spoken of the appeal of this game. At times, Very Little Nightmares is also compared with the hit game Outlast 2. In the game, players will transform into a small girl and go through many dangers on the way to solve puzzles. Currently, the game Very Little Nightmares is available on two platforms, Android and iOS. Everyone can download it to their phones and join the journey. The following are the special features of the game.

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The plot is good and full of magic

When participating in the story of Very Little Nightmares, you will discover a horror land with many monsters. Transform into the main character with a yellow shirt. You will overcome many challenges along the way. If you want to pass the level, you have to solve the puzzles on the way and find the keys. At the beginning of the story, our character will wake up in an elevated mansion. Surrounded by an island. Her journey is to escape with Six from this dark mansion. There are many giants who hunt for children to cook. In this mysterious journey, you will rescue captured babies and find a way out.


In terms of gameplay, Very Little Nightmares brings a new experience to gamers. You will combine puzzles and find objects. However, everything must be done in silence and with great care because the giants are very cunning. In this vast world, there are countless traps ready to take her life. With the advantage of a small body, the girl in yellow shirt can wriggle through many small corners to escape monsters. You can also let the character hide in hidden corners so that the enemy cannot detect it. From there, hide out when the monsters go away. With just some basic keys such as navigation, jumping and hiding, you can complete this magical game. The gameplay of Very Little Nightmares is quite simple, but it attracts players thanks to the subtlety of the plot. A special feature of the game Very Little Nightmares is the character’s inner self throughout the process of clearing the island. You will not hear any dialogue. Instead, there were creepy background music, the sounds of monsters and birds.

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Players also cannot fight monsters. You can only thread through them to complete quests. You have to watch out for obstacles on the way such as deep holes, abysses, this is what makes you die the most. After each game screen, gamers can save to continue when they are free. The game is not too rushed, mainly to puzzle people. You need to be very observant and reason to be able to solve the puzzles in the game.

Graphic Review

If you are a fairy tale enthusiast, you will surely love the graphics of the game Very Little Nightmares. Every detail is taken care of by the game publisher and brings a new and authentic world. The game really impresses with the dark background and colors. It feels like you are watching a cartoon. The game is built on a 2D platform, the drawings are not too beautiful but very logical and the layout is clear. From there, players can explore the entire game through quests. The main color tones of Very Little Nightmares are black and gray. Sometimes dotted a little green to increase the cold and creepy. You will always have the feeling that everything is stalking you and rush at you at any time.

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Evaluate the sound of the game

It can be said that the sound in Very Little Nightmares is very good and reasonable. The melodious background music at the beginning of the game until entering the dark rooms. They make you get caught up in this world and very scared. Sometimes the footsteps from the character, the cat meows also startles you. The overall sound system has made an impression for this horror game. Very Little Nightmares APK is an adventure game that combines horror elements very attractive that you should try. With a fancy design, an interesting puzzle system will help you explore a world full of mysteries.


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