Download Traffic Rider MOD (Unlimited Money, Remove Ads) + APK v1.99b

Download Traffic Rider MOD (Unlimited Money, Remove Ads) + APK v1.99b
Name Traffic Rider
Publisher Soner Kara
Latest Version 1.99b
Genre Racing
Size 159 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 +
MOD Unlimited Money, Remove Ads
Get it On Google Play

Are you a fan of speed games? Then you should not ignore the Traffic Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Money) game. This is an attractive racing game with many attractive features. Especially the graphics of this game are very good and highly appreciated by the gaming community. Participate in challenging races and win in Traffic Rider..

Download Traffic Rider mod – An engaging racing game

Car racing games always attract a large number of gamers to participate. Besides popular racing games like Need For Speed, Asphalt 9, there is another hit game, Traffic Rider. Traffic Rider is an impressive motorcycle racing game from Soner Kara. The highlight of this racing game is the new racing screen with difficult roads. The challenges for gamers in the races are huge. However, you will be very excited with these races. The graphics in the game are very beautiful and attractive to gamers. Besides, the game also runs smoothly without lag, which will help you have a complete race. Traffic Rider is a free racing game. However, you will get ads located in the bottom corner of the screen. They will not affect your racing process too much. This is Soner Kara’s method of making money, so you must accept it. After the race is over, the ads will also disappear. This is a pretty good mechanism when users do not have to manually turn off ads like other games.

Become a professional racer, a highway ferocious

When participating in the Traffic Rider game, you will transform into a speed racer. From there, experience the expensive supercars with many beautiful colors. The racetracks on Traffic Rider are designed to be extremely difficult with death turns. You have to practice your reflexes quickly so as not to be thrown off the track. The racing tracks will gradually increase with each level of the gamer. Therefore, you must regularly practice to get used to all terrain and sharp turns.

Explore long trips

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a basic car. Although quite shabby, it can also accelerate up to 100 Km / h. You can use this car to practice and complete easy levels. For flat highway sections, you can increase your maximum speed to overtake your opponent. However, when entering the city, you must be careful with the obstacles and traffic created by the game. With each stage completed, you will receive bonuses and experience points. The money you earn you can upgrade your car or buy a new, more powerful motor. The more expensive the motorcycles, the higher the speed and the better the experience. You have to play a lot to accumulate enough bonuses and buy cars. Each level is a challenge, use all your skills to get to the top. When entering the game, you will have to pass the milestones that appear on the map. Each milestone is required for the player to complete to finish the race. You should note that the G mark is the completed race. If the button above does not appear, continue running.

Unique driving mechanics

For racing enthusiasts, you’ll love the driving mechanics. On Traffic Rider game, players can control the car easily. You will have 2 virtual scooters in the corner of the screen. From there, you can accelerate or brake to complete the races. Each level has many challenges and obstacles. You have to be really calm and handle the accelerator or brake buttons correctly. You must not run too slow if you do not want to finish last. However, be careful when accelerating because you are easy to make mistakes and fall behind. In the game, there are many effects that challenge the player such as creating rain and racing at night with a narrow field of view.

About the game’s graphics

Traffic Rider is truly a masterpiece of graphics and design. This game is invested a lot in the image stage. So you will feel quite authentic when participating in the races. The game publisher has researched the features meticulously, building unique racing tracks. In addition, the rainy weather is also added to challenge gamers. The biggest attraction for gamers is the beautifully designed cars. You will always want to win to accumulate money and own high-class supercars.

Various racing car system

In the Traffic Rider game, there are more than 20 types of racing cars designed based on actual versions. Those are racing cars from famous car manufacturers such as yamaha, Suzuki, BMW or Kawasaki, etc. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to know how to distinguish to choose from racing screens.

What’s special about Traffic Rider MOD APK version?

When you download the Traffic Rider mod version to your phone, you will own unlimited money in the game. Here, you can own any racing car you desire. In addition, this application also turns off ads on the racing screen. It’s convenient, right.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money
  • Delete Ads

Overall, Traffic Rider has met all the desires of racing enthusiasts. Game publishers constantly update new features to attract gamers. With a unique racing mechanism, a variety of racing screens and a colorful racing car system. This promises to be the most impressive racing game. Quickly download Traffic Rider mod to your device and experience it.


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