Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.4121

Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.4121
Name Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Publisher tinyBuild
Latest Version 1.4121
Genre Simulation
Size 256 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK (Unlimited Money) released by TinyBuild is a pretty attractive delivery simulation game. With simple gameplay, Totally Reliable Delivery Service has brought a lot of downloads on the mobile platform. Let’s see what’s interesting about Totally Reliable Delivery Service APK!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service mod

Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod – Become a True Shipper

If you want to experience a working day of a true Shipper, don’t ignore Totally Reliable Delivery Service. This is a seemingly “easy” job, but it is not. There are so many things waiting for you to handle!

The Importance of a Shipper

In the period of digital technology transformation and especially the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, there is no sign of stopping. At this point, we feel the importance of the shipper. They are the key factor that makes it easier to exchange goods between agents and people from one region to another. During the war, without the army and people providing food, food and necessities, there could not be a peaceful Vietnam like today. Currently, when the country is peaceful and gradually developing, the shipper force also plays a very important role. They are the intermediary force connecting agents and businesses closer to customers across the country. Imagine, if it weren’t for the delivery people, we wouldn’t have accidentally liked the shirt or the shoes would have been untouchable.

Perhaps because it understands the importance of shippers, TinyBuild has decided to launch Totally Reliable Delivery Service. A delivery simulation game is quite interesting and attractive. If you have a relative who used to work as a shipper or love this job, try experiencing a delivery worker’s day!

Free and liberal life

Stepping into the open world in Totally Reliable Delivery Service you will find life less stuffy. Because here, you don’t have to follow most of the rules. The true free and liberal life of shippers. You just know how to play without caring about what will happen to you in the future. Sometimes looking away, behind there are new items, new jobs for a busy day. The roads will also constantly change, making it impossible for you to remember them all. Those are the impressive highlights that are only available in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Different from real life, the shippers in the game are provided with a full range of transportation. Not stopping at motorbikes, players can also “ride” on trucks, golf carts, planes, rockets, etc. The ultimate goal is to deliver goods quickly to the right address.

Gameplay Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service has a relatively simple gameplay. When joining the game, you will be transformed into a super cool shipper. Your main task is to deliver the orders to the right time and address of the customer. All operations are performed quite simply through the control buttons on the screen. Even a newbie is easy to get used to and get to work quickly. Totally Reliable Delivery Service has a single player mode or you can invite 3 other people to experience the same experience. In friend mode, players can cooperate with other shippers to make transportation more convenient. Or if they “don’t like” each other, it creates a challenge, finding ways to prevent the other side from approaching customers on the way. No matter what gameplay you like, this is a very new and unforgettable experience.

There are many strange situations

You always think that the shipper job is extremely simple. However, reality is not what you think. In Totally Reliable Delivery Service, even less. On the way to transport their goods, the shippers in the game constantly encounter strange situations. Of course, that is inevitable if you want a game to become more attractive.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service hack

There are situations that you also do not expect it to happen in the game. For example, when the package is finished, the character takes it away with one finger. Struggling to show off his style, he suddenly fell to “yung”. The player does not know if the item is heavy or not, nor does he know what is happening to him. Therefore, many gamers, when experiencing, have commented that Totally Reliable Delivery Service is “unpredictable”. By not knowing what might happen even if you just stand!

Change character appearance

Another interesting point in Totally Reliable Delivery Service that many players love is the ability to customize the character. You can change your character’s appearance according to your own preferences and style. It consists of 3 main parts: the lower body, the upper body and the hair. In each part, there are many different designs and designs for players to freely create. You can change the character’s appearance in an elegant or humorous style. It could be a shipper guy with a chubby body and a red dyed head. Or maybe someone with a thin body and a suit that makes everyone laugh. It all depends on your creativity.

MOD version of Totally Reliable Delivery Service APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Full version

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is indeed an interesting simulation game. It opens up a new world that even in your imagination you can hardly imagine. There are many unexpected situations that will happen and you have to face. Deliveries may become more difficult. Download now Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK to see if there will be any “bad crying” situations!


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