Download They Are Coming MOD (Immortal) + APK 1.4

Download They Are Coming MOD (Immortal) + APK 1.4
Name They Are Coming
Publisher OnHit.Dev
Latest Version 1.4
Genre Entertainment
Size 25 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Immortal
Get it On Google Play

They Are Coming MOD APK (Immortal) is one of the few zombie fighting games designed in pixel graphic style. The image quality of the game is not impressive, but this has helped the game get the opportunity to “air”. Because if it weren’t for this graphics, perhaps this bloody zombie game would not pass the censorship. This alone is enough to look forward to a thrilling fighting game. Get ready to face tough challenges in They Are Coming.

TheyAre Coming mod

Download They Are Coming Mod –  Bloody Zombie War

Zombie disaster became the inspiration of many filmmakers as well as games. In fact, the more bloody and creepy zombie movies are, the more viewers love them. Typically, the hit series Walking Dead. Returning to the field of games, each company exploits this topic in its own way as well as in its own style. If you want to experience a real bloody zombie fighting game, you can refer to They Are Coming. OnHit. Dev’s game is in the entertainment category, but the image is quite “heavy”. Not only the image but also the sound of the game also contributes to the horror and suspense gameplay. The most impressive is probably the sound coming from the zombies.

Graphic difference

Usually the graphics part I will introduce last. However, with games with strange images like They Are Coming, it is worth mentioning first. Zombie games, if not sharp 3D graphics, are also 2D with clear, realistic details. However, with this game it is different. The game company has used the Pixel graphic style for the entire game. When you join the game, you will understand why this studio built this graphics platform. You can imagine the scene of zombies with blood red mouths, flesh everywhere. If making 3D graphics, the game might not have been released so widely.

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Instead, OnHit. Dev used Pixel graphics to cool things down. It still feels scary but not too haunting. The details are very bloody, but thanks to the small squares, they have become lighter. Whether it’s the picture or the sound, this game does very well. The sound of zombies howling, the sound of weapons colliding, gunfire, etc. are all very real, contributing to a dramatic and extremely stressful fight against zombies.

Hard challenges

Speaking of novelty, They Are Coming will score quite high. During the game, you will gradually discover something unexpected. At first, many gamers thought that this was a very simple game and did not have many highlights. Simply walk in a straight line, see a zombie, then raise a gun. In the early levels, it’s really simple. However, starting from game 4 onwards you will feel the difference. The challenge is greatly increased, players gradually feel the pressure and tension.

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The context of They Are Coming is not diverse, just a straight line with zombies appearing in waves. However, this is what makes the terrible challenges behind. The number of zombies increases gradually, they are no longer “foolish” like the ones in the first screen. Instead, it was ferocious, bloodthirsty with a fierce expression, terrible howling. They did not walk slowly, but charged at the speed of an arrow. The zombie horde is both large and diverse in shape. The child is tall, he has a terrible “life expectancy”, he is sticky with green mucus, … Sometimes, you think you have shot it down, but in a moment it “graves back to life”, start crawling “4 legs” straight towards you. Later, the speed increases, the danger level is also greatly exceeded. You will feel all the emotions in the process of playing They Are Coming.

Various weapon systems

In They Are Coming, you are the only one fighting. Although there are not many character options, in return, there is a huge supply of weapons. To face the horde of bloodthirsty zombies, you need to use modern weapons with the strongest damage. To survive, upgrade the weapons you use. With a diverse system, you can change many weapons during the battle. Choosing which gun in each level is also a tactical card. From long guns, shotguns, handguns to melee weapons,…. Feel free to choose anything, as long as it helps you defeat zombies quickly and effectively.

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In addition, gamers can use the money earned through the game screen to buy traps as well as other weapons and means of defense. There are some outstanding types such as Roadblocks or Claymore Mine, .. Flexible use of weapons and vehicles to help you increase your chances of winning. If you want to use weapons and high-class items, you should accumulate a lot of gold coins.

MOD Version of They Are Coming APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Immortal

You may not like They Are Coming’s graphic style, but there’s no denying the plus points in terms of gameplay and missions. Ignore the annoying images, try playing a few games to feel the game objectively. Sometimes only 3 games will make you addicted, plow the game all day. Download They Are Coming MOD APK to your device to try it now.


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