Download The Wolf MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 3.4.1

Download The Wolf MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 3.4.1
Name The Wolf
Publisher Swift Apps LTD
Latest Version 3.4.1
Genre Role Playing
Size 139 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 +
MOD Free shopping
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The Wolf MOD APK is an action and role-playing simulator game on mobile phones. There are many games with similar wildlife themes, but The Wolf stands out above all for the unique experiences that the game brings. In the game, players will control a wild wolf and explore a beautiful but dangerous world. If you want to know how attractive this game is, then read the article below.

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Download The Wolf Mod – Become the most realistic wild wolf

The Wolf opens up a unique opportunity for players, when you have to transform into a wild wolf. Also from here, the journey to explore the natural world with majestic mountains and countless animals officially begins. By all means, you must find food, water and hunt other animals to survive. In the midst of harsh nature, it is inevitable that encounters with other ferocious wild animals, such as tigers, lions, rhinos,…. With strength and bravery, let’s fight. Fight to survive, become the strongest leader.

Engaging gameplay, familiar but not boring

The Wolf is interesting in that there is no plot, you will be the one to build your own story. All your aim is to control the wolf. Find ways to survive in the wild world, where everywhere is full of dangerous animals. This must have been a lone fight, since there would be no comrades around. You will hunt other animals in search of food to sustain life. After each successful hunt, you will gain some experience points. This point can be used for many useful things.

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Points can be exchanged to upgrade or equip the wolves with necessary features, such as: Attack, Defense, Health and Speed. Skills are classified into three categories, Basic, Aura and Special, each level will require a different number of points. The more points you have, the better your ranking will be. In addition, you can also choose different types of wolves by yourself such as Hole Wolf, Gray Wolf, or even the legendary Black Wolf, as long as it suits the strategy.

Realistic graphics and sound

The Wolf gives you an amazing visual experience with high quality 3D graphics. From the appearance, the way to move to the hunting style are all simulated realistically, looking like a real wolf. The wild but majestic natural scenery is also beautifully reproduced. The sounds of animals or the smallest sounds are reproduced as vividly as in real life. All elements when combined will give you a great experience like never before, hard to find in other games.

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3 Level Game Mode

The Wolf has 3 game modes, in which each mode will have different attractions, namely:

  • CO-OP Hunting Mode: In this mode, you will join other players and hunt for prey. You will hunt from small animals to large, even dangerous animals.
  • PVP mode: This mode is a battle mode divided into two teams/factions. This mode is much more complicated than hunting mode, ie your team has to face off against the opposing team to decide victory or defeat. You have the right to attack the other team’s wolves, and they also have the right to target you.
  • Multiplayer mode: In this mode, you will play online with other players around the world. Also, if you don’t want to play with strangers, you can create your own group of friends and play with them.

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Features of The Wolf

  • Easy to play online and offline
  • You can choose and upgrade the wolf pack skills as you like
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, smooth effects
  • Can be played competitively with other players
  • Move over large terrain

MOD version of The Wolf APK

  • Free shopping

The Wolf online simulator game with beautiful graphics promises to be the ideal choice for players. For the first time, you will be exploring the vast lands of the world through the footsteps of wolves. The game brings players to new experiences but very realistic. If you are a person who likes thrill and adventure, then do not ignore the name The Wolf. Download The Wolf mod hack and experience it today.


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