Download The Wild Darkness MOD + APK 1.1.96 (Menu, Unlimited Energy, Immortal)

Download The Wild Darkness MOD + APK 1.1.96 (Menu, Unlimited Energy, Immortal)
Name The Wild Darkness
Publisher PoPeyed Inc
Latest Version 1.1.96
Genre Role Playing
Size 90 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Energy, Immortal
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The Wild Darkness is not like other fighting games for survival, it is much more attractive and attractive. When standing between the boundary of life and death in a forest full of magic, you will have to use all your abilities and bravery to preserve your life. Wild, difficult, challenging are the things that the game is waiting for you to discover. Download The Wild Darkness Mod for the most memorable survival experience.

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Download The Wild Darkness mod – Fight and save

After a night of wandering, you wake up in a state of confusion when you can’t recognize where you are. Everything is strange, hidden, and a little creepy. This is when you know you have to survive and adapt before you want to return to normal life. However, this forest is not simply wild, but also contains many undisclosed dangers. You are not simply looking for food to feed your body, but you also have to fight monsters to protect yourself. Enter the world of The Wild Darkness, a new life awaits you, scary or exciting is up to you to decide.

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Protect your own life

Survival is always the most difficult battle, the top task that players need to perform is to protect their own lives. The danger in the deep forest along with a large number of enemies are lurking waiting to destroy you are challenges that players must overcome. Any moment of lack of vigilance costs you with your life. Players will receive valuable items when defeating enemies, however, if you fail, you probably already know what your outcome will be. Therefore, in order for every war to be won, players must have smart, flexible tactics that combine many skills at the same time and especially make the right decisions in critical times.

Find a daily food source

The first problem you need to solve to survive is to find a food source to sustain life. The game will provide you with foods such as vegetables, tubers, and fruits, but everything is not free, you have to find and collect them yourself. Every place you go through will have a certain food source, but monsters also often appear in those locations, so be very careful. Food is also a way to help you energize and restore health after tired battles.

Gather resources to make weapons

After solving the eating and drinking stage, you need to think about equipping weapons to be ready to fight the enemy at any time. The game allows you to collect resources and create powerful weapons to support players in battles. Knives, axes or other familiar items will appear everywhere you go, try to collect them as much as possible. Note, always keep the flame bright, because monsters are afraid of light. If you make the fire go out, the player’s life will be in danger because monsters often appear in the dark. The light will hinder the monster’s attack and the player has time to rest and regain energy.

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Beware of all living things

The Wild Darkness has countless different types of creatures, they are everywhere and just waiting for you to have an opening to destroy. They can even be ordinary animals like rabbits, dogs, cats that you meet along the way. Take the initiative to avoid them before they have a chance to harm you. Wolves, tigers, snakes are the ones you should pay the most attention to because they possess great power, if you are careless you may have to end your survival journey in a moment. To create a more realistic and vivid feeling, the publisher has invested a lot in the graphics and images. All scenes are reproduced like real life. In addition, the new music part also makes players feel more excited.

The Wild Darkness MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Energy
  • Immortal

Learn to get used to the wild environment, fight based on your abilities and the weapons you can create. Players should note that they should find a reserve food source to maintain a normal rhythm of life. Download The Wild Darkness Mod to try the feeling of survival in a mysterious and dangerous world.


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