Download Terraria MOD (Unlimited Items, God mode) + APK v1.

Download Terraria MOD (Unlimited Items, God mode) + APK v1.
Name Terraria
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Latest Version
Genre Adventure
Size 137 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited items, God mode
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Applying modern 2D RPG platform and using craft and build gameplay, Terraria MOD APK has successfully found its own place in the RPG game market. This is a game that really deserves your participation if you love this series.

Download Terraria mod – Adventure in the big world

The first time Terraria only stopped at the PC version, but it achieved a lot of success. This is the premise for 505 Games to officially cooperate with RakNet and CodeGlue to launch a mobile version of Terraria APK. In August 2013, just when the game was released, it received an unexpected welcome and was in the top of the most popular paid games at that time.

Terraria MOD

The gameplay of Terraria APK

Coming to the world of Terraria APK, besides being discovered and adventuring everywhere, players can also fight, dig treasures… The opponent’s characters in the game are zombies, demon eyes… scary. Magical scenes and strange creatures will also make you extremely excited. The first thing you will do when entering the game is to cut down trees and build shelters. Next is the work of mining minerals and many other materials found in nature. It can be materials to create weapons for combat or defensive armor. All need to be fully prepared because immediately you will have to fight with a lot of creatures around. Terraria APK has hundreds of different weapons such as melee weapons, ranged combat weapons, summoning spells, … If you really want to enjoy the peaceful moments in the deep green forest, you can still participate in house building, fishing, animal riding, etc. These are all light games that help you collect resources.(though not much) and relaxing at the same time.

There are many characters to choose from

With the game Terraria APK, players have a lot of characters to choose from, such as magicians, knights, adventurers, etc. Each character has its own skills and resources. During the game, you need to find and exploit useful resources for your character. The more suitable resources, the stronger and more perfect the character will be. The details in the game such as wood, stone, … can all be exploited. For example, you will find wood by destroying stone blocks or collect fangs by killing monsters.

Terraria MOD APK

The game tends to create a favorable environment for the characters to be free to create and explore everywhere. A big world with a lot of strangeness will make you really curious, right?Based on the resources you have exploited, you will be free to build and create a lot of works for life in the game. It can be the house you are in, the fence, a weapon or armor that you need to carry… Can’t complete everything in a short time, you need to persevere in searching, fighting everywhere tohave enough materials.

Survival game in the new world

Similar to the real world, Terraria APK also has day and night. Daytime will be a paradise for players who love safety. Especially, if you are a newbie, this will be a great time to explore. You can go for a walk, find building materials, kill monsters with weak levels… without worrying about being attacked. At night there will be a lot of zombies and predatory creatures active. If weapons and armor are too weak, you will easily become their prey. It’s miserable to enter the game and do nothing but run away, isn’t it?

Terraria APK has any game mode?

Unlike the PC version, the mobile version of Terraria APK only stops in Softcore mode. In this game mode, the penalty when the character dies is quite gentle. Just spend half of the gold and up to 2/3 of the items you own. This is the lowest penalty in the game modes of this game. If you are in Mediumcore mode, you will lose all your gear or be banished if you are in Hardcore mode.

Terraria Hack

Difficulty level in the game

Besides the game mode, Terraria APK also offers two different difficulty levels for players to choose from: easy and difficult:

1. Pre-hardmode (easy level) The level of Pre-hardmode allows the player to play the game in a light, less dramatic way. Accordingly, the enemy will have less health, the number of encounters is also quite small. This is a great mode for you to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and principles of the game.

2. Hardmode (difficulty level) At the difficulty level, the character in the game will often have to confront many strong enemies. You need to play very focused and have strong equipment for successful survival. Although it is quite stressful, it is the perfect mode for those who love drama and want to fight. During this process, you need to use your experience and skills to defeat your opponent.

Vivid graphics

Bringing the graphic style of classic RPG but with a bit of a modern direction. The graphic design of the game Terraria APK is quite prominent in terms of lines and vividness. If you have ever played Stardew Valley, you will certainly not feel strange with these images. With Terraria APK you can freely explore the vast world in the game. This classic graphic design style will give you a new feeling when playing. Feel free to create, fight and adventure everywhere with this survival game.

Terraria APK MOD Version

  • Immortal feature: When this feature is enabled, it is almost impossible for your character to die. However, there are exceptions such as drowning or poisoning.
  • Item Infinite Feature: The infinite item feature allows the player to take out any item in the inventory. When you separate items like that, you will receive a lot of similar items.

Coming to the game Terraria MOD APK, you will explore the large open world. Destroy the monsters in the game to gain experience and buy powerful weapons.


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