Download Stick War 3 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v2024.3.1739

Download Stick War 3 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v2024.3.1739
Name Stick War 3
Publisher Max Games Studios
Latest Version 2024.3.1739
Genre Strategy
Size 582 MB
Requires Android 7.0 +
MOD Unlimited money/Unlocked
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Stick War 3 MOD APK is a famous staging game from the company Max Games Studios. This is a unique game with special gameplay mechanics. You will be fascinated with the new and attractive game style. There are many gamers who have downloaded and played the full money Stick War 3 mod hack at MODPURE. This is a game that is highly appreciated for its gameplay and difficult challenges. Let’s learn about Stick War 3 game in the following article.(You will get free in-game currency and Summons too).

Download Stick War 3 mod – Game with new and attractive style

Stick War 3 is one of those games that both build and fight. When participating in battles, players can arrange battles and choose reasonable tactics to win. The highlight of Stick War 3 is its bright and witty graphics. They just help you entertain after stressful working hours. However, it is not easy to win wars. The game publisher has created unique features to challenge you. From there, you have to play seriously if you don’t want to lose. The impressive thing of the game Stick War 3 is the creation of small and funny characters. However, you must build that army of children to be strong to fight the enemy. Gameplay is not too new, but the image and context of the game make players attracted. From there, spend a lot of time building up your army to be stronger.

StickWar 3 MOD

Excellent in-game arraying

In the array of games available on the market, Stick War 3 is in the top of the best games. Many games only focus on gameplay or plot, but ignore the emotional element when staging in the game. Every gamer wants to create a strong army on their own, choosing reasonable tactics to defeat powerful enemies. In each battle, especially after defeats, you will be more intent on revenge. In addition, those defeats also help you to learn many lessons and have experience in staging the next time. The game has many unique mechanics that help you save battles for practice material. For the game Stick War 3, you will dive into the battles and test many battle formations. This is also the attraction of this game. You won’t wander too much into the plot or enjoy the atmosphere and setting of the game. Instead, you have to constantly fight with ferocious and powerful armies. After each battle and win, you will have countless rewards as well as high morale. When arrayed in the game, with the number of soldiers you have, you can adjust the number, arrange front and back and can pin the enemy. Or with too many armies, you can take advantage of the terrain to defend and make them retreat.

Building a strong and developing base

In the game Stick War 3, players can freely build bases. Through assigned missions, you gain more experience and money to upgrade your military zone. Thereby improving the quality of soldiers and recruiting more people into the army. In your base, you can train your army as well as equip advanced weapons. As long as you have a lot of money, you can upgrade however you want. Let’s build your army to grow stronger because the opponent will be stronger and stronger.

Stick War 3

Various selection of skills and tactics

As a general in command of the Stickman army, you can arrange and arrange your army as you like. The arrangement of the array and the choice of tactics are very important, they determine the success or failure of the war. In the game, you have 2 main styles of attack and defense. For small armies, divide your troops to surround the opponent. Also encountering large enemies with abundant troops, you should find a way to defend to preserve the number of troops. Each player will have a different way of maneuvering and tactics. Either way, you will learn from your mistakes. Be persistent and build your army stronger and stronger. After each level, you get 2 skill points to upgrade your army and build a base. Please use them correctly. Choose which style is up to each player. Because anyway, you have to constantly fight, fight and display all kinds of battles to defeat the enemy according to the requirements of the game. And when you pass a level, you will be rewarded with 2 skill points that can be used to upgrade soldiers’ stats and strengthen military bases.

Build and upgrade the Stickman army

Stick War 3 has a fairly new mechanism to collect troops. You will own 6 levels of spirit such as: Miner, swordsman, giant, witch, archer and infantry. Each type of soldier will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Players need to know how to build an army and choose different strategies depending on the opponent. Should have melee soldiers go first, archers and witches behind to defeat the enemy. After each victory, you will receive countless more soldiers and have skill points to upgrade. The more you fight, the stronger your army becomes. Keep upgrading to get an elite army.

Stick War 3 MOD APK

Game mode included in Stick War 3

When participating in the game Stick War 3, you will have 3 game modes: go to the screen, tournament and infinite zombies. Each campaign will have its own fighting style. As for the stage, you will receive the rewards after each victory. The game also gives players easy to difficult levels for them to practice. In tournament mod, you will fight with many other opponents and survive in the end to become the champion. However, this is the hardest game mechanics and you won’t win easily. Infinite zombies mod is more difficult. Your army will fight countless undead. They will grow larger and stronger over time. The longer you live, the more rewards you get.

Stick War 3 MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money

Stick War 3 MOD APK is a new and attractive array game for gamers. You will command your stickman army to fight with different opponents. With each level, you have to choose the right troops and tactics to win. Please download the Stick War 3 mod hack to your device and experience it.


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