Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.72

Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.72
Name RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme
Latest Version 1.0.72
Genre Racing
Size 150 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme helps players get excited and excited on every race thanks to its unique gameplay and eye-catching graphics. The combination of racing and shooting combat has created unique and unique gameplay. Join the game, you will be able to show your super driving skills and marksmanship. Download hack RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme mod with full money to have the opportunity to fully explore the levels in this exciting game.

Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod – Racing Car Wars

Usually, racing games are only about driving skills, overcoming obstacles on the way to the fastest finish. Therefore, the breakthrough in the gameplay of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme has brought a new breeze to gamers. In addition to the dangerous races is the bombardment and tense confrontation between the drivers. What do you think about chasing the enemy with war vehicles equipped with weapons “to the teeth”?Surely this uniqueness will let you experience a feeling like never before.

2 in 1 combo gameplay

Smokoko’s racing game achieved top ratings on forums. This alone is enough for players to trust to download the game to experience.”Hundred to hear is not equal to one to see”, what this game gives players is really too surprising. Both racing and shooting combined with fiery combat. This will be the most “crazy” race that every gamer is looking forward to. Join the game, you will be satisfied with speed. Along with that is the skill of fighting, shooting madly at the opponent. On the track there are many different players. To win, you need to beat all the other opponents. While controlling the vehicle, flexibly press the gun or grenade function to let the enemy “smoke”. The stronger, more aggressive, the greater your chances of winning. The most important factor in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is speed and skill. Besides controlling the racing car at high speed, flexibly perform the attack with ammunition guns.

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The challenges are getting more and more difficult. So you need to upgrade your war vehicles so that they reach their maximum limit. Winning gets you extra big bonuses. Use this money to upgrade, “customize” your war vehicle to become more bunker and stronger.

Difficult challenge

The racing battle in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is not simple. You will not have time to relax leaning against the window and watching the scenery outside. Because the track ahead has a series of challenges as well as countless opponents who want to destroy your car. On the track, pay attention to the obstacles and pitfalls arranged by the game. Control the car skillfully to pass them safely. If you can afford it, corner your opponent into these “body-crushing” traps. The harder the challenge, the better the reward. So along the track there will be a lot of valuable items for you to collect. It can be an item pack that helps you accelerate, “transform” a racing car or make time go by strangely. The value of these items only lasts for a short time. However, if you take full advantage of them, you will have many more advantages.

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To overcome all challenges, show all your skills and bravery. Extreme Drift Phases, impressive drags or extreme bumps,… This is your chance to show off, practice and perfect your driving skills.

Various contexts

Not only is the gameplay unique, but the context in the game is also extremely excellent. You will be surprised when the game transitions. A special game screen with spectacular and eye-catching scenery. The race track in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is more than just asphalt roads. You will be participating in the arena through many historical periods. Those are the roads in the forest hanging on the cliffs, the races at the ramps with inclement weather. This journey even gives you adventure at famous landmarks like Ancient Egypt.

Super cool graphics and sound

The success of the game comes from many factors, and one of them is the thoughtfulness of graphics and sound. RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme builds 3D graphics with sharp, smooth and realistic images. The picture and sound part, although not reaching the maximum score, are still excellent. The racing car is designed to exude a strong and “war” look. The space and background are full of colors, portraying the grandeur, mystery and magic of nature in a realistic way.

In particular, the racing screens in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme are also added with extremely vivid weather and time effects. The context is constantly changing with fast-paced battles that make players feel excited. After each vehicle upgrade, you will see a surprising difference in coolness as well as terrible equipment. In addition, the explosion effect, the sound on the track is also extremely stimulating.

MOD Version of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme APK

  • Unlimited money

In general, as a fan of racing games as well as combat shooting genres, you must fight RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme always and right away. Good game from the beginning, not waiting forever. Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme mod to join thrilling and dramatic races right away.


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