Download Nightmare Gate MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.2.5

Download Nightmare Gate MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.2.5
Name Nightmare Gate
Publisher IndieFist Horror Games
Latest Version 1.2.5
Genre Adventure
Size 127 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD No ads
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Game publisher IndieFist Horror Games has created an extremely rare horror game for those who are passionate about the horror genre. That is Nightmare Gate, this game brings players to a dark world but without blood and death. Let’s find out with MODPURE what Nightmare Gate MOD APK has in the article below!

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Download Nightmare Gate Mod – Experience a very rare horror game

Nightmare Gate is a horror game in which players will be told the story of a boy named Will, from the boy’s point of view. After being abducted by a demon, he tried to return to his world by going through different levels of hell.

What’s so good about Nightmare Gate?

Interesting plot

Nightmare Gate has a plot revolving around the boy Will. As usual, after being cuddled to sleep by his mother, the boy lay on his bed alone and stared at the yellow night light. In the image of the light in his eyes, he was slowly drifting to sleep. Suddenly a voice came from nowhere, “Will, Will, Will, Will come here to play with us, there’s a lot of cool stuff here”. The boy went to the source of the voice and discovered that the source of the sound was a secret door in the back of his wardrobe. It was at this moment that the mother’s voice sounded again, “Will, go back to sleep.”Startled, the boy opened his eyes and found himself lying on his bed. Turns out this was just a nightmare.

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The boy felt very curious but continued to take a nap. However, Will still couldn’t sleep because he was so curious about what had just happened. He opened his eyes and looked through the wardrobe, suddenly seeing that the door of the closet had been ajar for a while.“Or is it real, not a dream,” said a voice invitingly. This strange voice reminded the boy to come downstairs, his sister Will was playing happily downstairs. At this point, the player must control Will crouching down the stairs to avoid being detected by his parents. Downstairs, Will saw his sister – Nancy, wearing a pet cosplay, trying to do something. Before Nancy could react, a strange arm pulled her to the floor. Will tried to run after him, but was also dragged unconscious. When you wake up, you find yourself and your sister in a red room, placed many strange items. In particular, there is a green apple on the table. This is the item that marks the beginning of your nightmare adventure. The door to the room opened, and a monster used its large hideous hand to pull Nancy’s leg away. Will needed to crouch to escape, but the boy forgot to close the door.

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The first sight when Will saw it was hundreds of cages scattered all over the place. In the cage are children like Will, like Nancy. Another boy whispered, “Go softly so he can’t hear you and hide behind the cages so he can’t see you.”From now on, you will officially enter the hell of dreams. Only by finding the secret and closing the door of this nightmare can you save yourself, your sister and hundreds of other children. Are you ready to fight the hideous demons in your dreams?


In Nightmare Gate, there are 3 modes for players to choose from: Story, Nightmare Pass and Battle. In Story mode there is a normal difficulty level. The entire game scene will follow the available design of the game. If you choose ghost mode, there will be more levels, more challenges when you have to find ways and objects to hide.

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The Battle Pass mode features “arena” with different scenes. The player must find a way to destroy the nightmare monsters. You will be pushed into a maze or laberyth that looks extremely horror with different scary levels. In the first levels, everything will be quite easy to overcome. So you need to take advantage of upgrading your character to own special skills such as stealth, activating radar. Another important thing is to never let the monsters catch you.

Graphics and sound

Graphics in the game Nightmare Gate are in 3D. Although not perfect, it is enough to give players chills. Especially when combining classic jumpscare to scare children. After getting lost in the nightmare world, the entire image in the game will turn into crimson. Things get scary, sending players from heaven to hell.

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Although there are not too many lighting effects or complicated character movements, it is the action of the character in the game that will make the player’s heart stop many times.

MOD version of Nightmare Gate APK

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If you want to play horror games without the gore or fighting too much. Then Nightmare Gate MOD APK is the game that you should try first. Therefore, please quickly download and experience this rare and gentle horror game.


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