Download Nexomon MOD (Unlimited Boxes, Traps) + APK 3.0.1

Download Nexomon MOD (Unlimited Boxes, Traps) + APK 3.0.1
Name Nexomon
Latest Version 3.0.1
Genre Role Playing
Size 267M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Boxes, Traps
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Nexomon isn’t the only Pokemon-themed game, but it’s one of the most prominent. You can choose more famous games but do not ignore Lime Turtle’s product because it is also an interesting, unique and very new role-playing game. Launched at the end of 2017, currently, this game is still interested by many gamers. In addition to the advantage of being a free game, it also has many other interesting points worth trying. With Nexomon MOD APK version, you will enjoy even more great features.

Nexomon mod

Download Nexomon Mod – Own powerful and rare summoned beasts

Pokemon – the childhood of many generations of gamers has now been included in many games on PC as well as mobile. Instead of scouring for movies and Pokemon-related stories, why don’t you try to experience the games inspired by this cult franchise. Each Pokemon game has its own beauty. If you want to try everything to find the true game, you should not ignore Nexomon.

Special plot

The game tells about a peaceful, poetic land in the world of Nexomon. Everything was originally very smooth, until the arrival of Omnicron, everything was turned upside down. This monster claims to be the king of Nexomon. He wants everything under his control. Not only summoned beasts, even humans are under the influence of this monstrous Omnicron. In order to fulfill his ambition, he brought down an army of strange creatures . Starting from here, the war between humans and beasts officially took place. The seemingly endless battle finally found hope. After a period of fighting, humans gradually found a way to tame these beasts. After taming, they become friends, accompanying humans in every battle. In Nexomon, there is not only a war between humans and animals, but also a battle between summoned beasts. The end game is a happy ending with the disappearance of the Omnicron and a peaceful life between humans and tamed monsters.

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Finding the summoned beasts in Nexomon

Nexomon has 7 characters to choose from. As soon as you enter the game, choose for yourself a favorite character. After that, let’s start the journey to find the beasts in the world of Nexomon. These strange creatures are everywhere. They can hide in forests or fields, behind cliffs. There are many types of summoned beasts with different strengths and rarity. If you find rare species, you will create the strongest collection of summoned beasts. The summoned beasts in the game are quite similar to Pokemon. The difference is to create uniqueness, avoid boring stereotypes that make players feel pale. You will be surprised with the monster system in Nexomon. There are more than 300 species with a full range of different systems, skills and strengths. Each species has a special power and skill system. There are fire-breathers, thunder-producing species, and extraordinary powers. Once tamed, you can train, upgrade and fully equip them to become stronger.

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Training and nurturing activities

Nexomon’s gameplay is basically similar to other animal training games. Your main task in the game is to find, tame, train and nurture strange creatures. When they are “full of feathers”, take them to the arena. Here, the summoned beasts will fight with each other. Winning is a way for you to earn experience points for the purpose of leveling up animals. The animals in the game all go through stages of evolution. For the highly evolved ones, they have tremendous power with impressive skills. If you want to win in all arenas, find the strongest beasts to combine to create an unrivaled team. The lineup is arranged appropriately, creating conditions for each summoned beast to promote its individual strengths. This is a key tactical element to help you defeat all opponents. With each attack, calculate carefully to be able to end the game quickly. Combine individual strength with collective strength, and coordinate the deployment of pre-planned tactics. All of this will help you win in both blood battle mode as well as online PvP.

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Beautiful graphics

The game’s graphics are just beautiful, not really excellent. However, this is understandable because Nexomon wants to keep the soul of Pokemon.2D graphics depicting characters and backgrounds in detail and clarity. In addition to combat effects, the weather element is also focused and invested. Contributing to the success of the game is a fun sound system, full of fun.

MOD Version of Nexomon APK

  • Infinite boxes
  • Infinite Traps
  • Full Unlock

In short, Nexomon is a good game, with many interesting points, worth downloading and playing at your leisure. Naturally, this role-playing game cannot be compared with the original. However, with the things it brings to the player, it still deserves a plus point from the gamers. Download Nexomon mod to fully experience the great features of the game completely for free!


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