Download Muse Dash MOD + APK 1.6.1 (Unlock Songs, Auto Play)

Download Muse Dash MOD + APK 1.6.1 (Unlock Songs, Auto Play)
Name Muse Dash
Publisher X.D. Network
Latest Version 1.6.1
Genre Music
Size 1.56 Gb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlock Songs, Auto Play
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Music games do not bring brainy moments like action games, nor do many tasks like farm games, but are always highly appreciated by gamers. In which, the name Mush Dash cannot be ignored. This is a music game, anime graphics, simple gameplay but not boring. If you are looking for a game to relax in your free time, Muse Dash is the perfect choice. Download Muse Dash mod to your device to unlock all music and use the utility Auto Play feature.

Download Muse Dash mod – Colorful music world

Music games with gentle intensity are the perfect solution for maximum mental relaxation. In the list of famous music-themed games on the market, Muse Dash is always highly appreciated. In particular, the Muse Dash version with Autoplay feature, unlocking songs gives you a lot of interesting experiences. Muse Dash is built with anime graphics, the songs used are also J-pop. The difficulty of the game is gradually increased to test the player’s “fast hand and eye” talent. Initially, you will transform into attractive, beautiful girls, performing dance moves to the rhythm. Pay attention to jump correctly to receive more bonus points and many attractive gifts.

musedash mod apk

Gameplay is simple but fun

Entering the world of Muse Dash, players will be able to control any female character in the list of beautiful and charming Waifu. Next to the character appear 2 upper and lower circles, when the monster appears and enters the circle, gamers need to attack to destroy the monster. Attention, press the attack button accurately and at the right time. In the game, there will be some non-destructible objects such as saw blades. Gamers need to jump to dodge, but cannot directly confront. The number of monsters in the game will be decided based on the speed of the music fast or slow.

Some outstanding features of Muse Dash APK Mod

Muse Dash is constantly updating features to give gamers the most complete experience. From the system of characters to the game mode, the songs … are designed very impressively.

Various characters

You are not alone when participating in Muse Dash. The game gives you a few extremely interesting companions like Rin, Buro or Marija. Each character will have its own unique characteristics:

  • Rin: This is a very beautiful, sexy and personable girl. The character’s identifying feature is a golden ponytail, neatly tied at the back.
  • Buro: Impressive Buro with purple hair, lovely appearance
  • Marija: This girl has blue hair, bouncy, attractive and perfect appearance.

In addition to the characters above, Muse Dash also impresses when adding characters such as chimpanzees, flying cats, robots… Each character will bring a special skill to help heal, increase fighting ability., increase damage…

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Providing a “huge” music store

Entering the world of Muse Dash, players experience more than 100 different songs. The songs are updated regularly, continuously, the level also increases gradually from easy to difficult. For those who have experience, have the right to join the Master mode to challenge themselves. Initially, every challenge in the game will make you encounter many difficulties. The game provides more skill features for players to change costumes comfortably, making the Waifu more sexy. Skill can also increase the amount of health and improve the character’s skill set.

Various outfits

The skins provided in Muse Dash are free, and the richness and variety of the skins may surprise you. From casual clothes to hot outfits, everything is meticulously elaborated. Each outfit impresses gamers in many styles such as muse, personality, innocence, student … To unlock the costumes, you need to collect as many materials as possible.

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Graphics and sound

Because of the design of the anime, the images in Muse Dash appear extremely bright and colorful. The attractive shape of the Waifu set will definitely make players feel extremely excited. In addition, the music element is also one of the most important factors for the success of Muse Dash. The songs appear with catchy tunes, increasing excitement, drawing gamers into each exciting challenge. Accompanying the sound are beautiful, monumental and impressive effects.

MOD APK version of Muse Dash

  • Unlock all songs
  • Auto Play

Download Muse Dash MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for an attractive anime music game, the name Muse Dash is the perfect choice. The game not only offers a diverse music space, but the accompanying images and effects are also very perfect. Hope the information in the above article has helped you have more understanding about this unique music game. Download Muse Dash mod to your device to experience this exciting music game.

DOWNLOAD (1.56 Gb)

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