Download Magic Rampage MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 6.2.0

Download Magic Rampage MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 6.2.0
Name Magic Rampage
Publisher Asantee
Latest Version 6.2.0
Genre Role Playing
Size 137 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 +
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play

Magic Rampage MOD APK (Unlimited Money) brings different feelings to players with a dungeon world full of surprises. In this game, you will be satisfied with the graphics, gameplay as well as the character’s skill system. The game is aimed at entertainment, along with helping players practice skills quickly and quickly. Dungeon war is both suspenseful, dramatic, and exciting waiting for you to explore. Start now with Magic Rampage to beat every level in the game.

downloadMagic Rampage mod

Download Magic Rampage Mod – Explore the mysterious dungeon

Magic Rampage is unique because it creates attraction from various elements in the game. Asantee’s role-playing game combines various genres. From fighting action to adventure, go scenes. All in this fascinating game. Just play once, you will definitely spend a lot of time on this special role-playing game.

Dungeon Background

The game has a simple plot but enough for players to experience throughout the game with logic. In Magic Rampage, you play as an unknown warrior. One day, you receive a strange letter from a mysterious organization. The content in it is a call to join the mysterious quest. Become a mighty warrior, prove your prowess by raiding and exploring the ancient castle. This place is like a “graveyard” because all the people who used to live in this place have turned into zombies.

Magic Rampage mod

The reason is unknown, it is unknown who is behind manipulating dark magic for the castle. Your mission is to find out the truth, defeat the people behind everything. This is a journey with many challenges. The deeper you dig, the more mysteries you uncover. Battles take place in many different spaces. Passing each level, you will gradually uncover the mystery of the castle as well as your true identity.

Weapons and equipment

The dungeon battle in Magic Rampage lets you experience many different genres. However, the way to control the character is extremely simple. The left corner of the screen is the character navigation button. On the right are the buttons to deploy actions, character skills. The top shows the warrior’s equipment. Specifically, armor and weapons. The character’s actions take place decisively and consistently. Platform goes to familiar scenes, not strange at all. To complete the mission, you need to pay special attention to the selection of weapons and equipment. In the game, you will confront many enemies in each different context. The challenge in each scene is different. You need to choose the right weapon and armor to be able to fight in the best way. There are items that are useful in one level but put you at a disadvantage in another. So think carefully before choosing any equipment.

mod Magic Rampage

Multiple game modes

Magic Rampage has many game modes so that gamers can “change the wind” when needed. According to the comments of many players, the Campaign mode is the best. In this mode, you will have to pass many different levels. Each level takes place in a different setting as well as a different monster species. The difficulty level is only increased, not decreased. The deeper you go, the more investment you will see in the game. Besides combat missions, you need to collect coins and diamonds. Having these currencies will help you unlock the secret of each level. If you experience survival mode, your most important task is to keep alive. The longer you try to stay alive, the more gold and weapons you need to earn. If you want to participate in other modes with the best preparation, you should play survival mode to accumulate weapons and armor.

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In addition, the boss mode as well as competitive online of Magic Rampage is also very attractive. You will be accompanied by NPCs to participate in fighting terrible bosses. Or compete with other players to assert skills, receive great rewards. In general, regardless of the mode, there are good and unique things worth experiencing.

Classic platform game

Right from the first step into the game you can clearly feel the classic platforming of Magic Rampage. Everything is going in a straight line. In front of you are traps, items and a lot of mysterious details revolving around the plot. Want to conquer, explore everything, navigate the character. Always moving forward, ready to face any challenge. Bravely attack the enemy, complete the level to unlock more difficult levels as well as many valuable items. Besides, this game also interweaves the special style of the modern role-playing genre. The main character in Magic Rampage is customizable in appearance. So, you can make some changes to your character by choosing one of the classes like Mage, Paladin, Druifd,…  Of course, equipping weapons, armor and items is indispensable.other essentials for the character. In particular, these equipment also contain interesting magical elements.

Magic Rampage hack

Beautiful graphics

Magic Rampage possesses beautiful graphics, fully depicting the dungeon war with many different contexts. The character is cute but doesn’t lose the heroic look. The number of monsters in the game are mostly zombies. However, all of them are designed with a simple cartoon style, without gore. In addition, there are vivid and realistic effects for the game screen. The characters all have a petite appearance, like a very funny mini universe.

MOD Version of Magic Rampage APK

  • Unlimited money

If you like adventure games and dungeon exploration, you must definitely try Magic Rampage. The game with a special gameplay, a variety of experience modes and eye-catching graphics will not disappoint you. Let’s pass the levels to show the skills of a heroic warrior. Download Magic Rampage mod, get ready to embark on a journey to discover the hidden truth in the ancient castle.


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