Download Litmath MOD + APK (Full Diamonds, No Ads)

Download Litmath MOD + APK (Full Diamonds, No Ads)
Name Litmath
Latest Version
Genre Society
Size 34 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Full Diamonds, No Ads
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You may not believe it, but Litmatch has surpassed 10 million downloads globally in just a short time. Exploiting the feature of connecting people well helps this platform become a social network that attracts a large number of users. And if you are intending to chat, connect with anyone to share and confide, then Litmatch is a more suitable choice. Download the Litmatch Mod to look forward to the latest things.

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Download Litmatch Mod – Find the right person to chat with

It is the focus on exploiting the topic of connecting people in a large community that gives Litmatch a special appeal to so many people. For those who want to connect, find friends and lovers through online game experiences, this is a possible choice. Litmatch integrates quite a few ways for you to connect with new friends, ready to bring the most interesting dating experiences.

Finding new friends

With Litmatch, you can connect in a one-on-one format via texting. This is done by clicking on the profile picture of the person you are interested in. When you make a selection, a sequence of activities is automatically set up to bond you and your partner. You can monitor the activities on the screen and prioritize them according to your wishes. With an extremely large number of users, Litmatch’s connection ability is also so fast, it only takes about 15 seconds to 1 minute, you can chat with someone. You can choose features such as live chat or enjoy movies if you want to connect faster. These functions also help to dissipate energy by better throughput, helping the user’s transmission line to be connected stably, without interruption during interaction with the opponent.

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Join a group chat room

In addition to one-on-one chat, you can choose to connect in groups of friends to expand your relationship. Group chat rooms have been prepared with a lot of users with the same purpose as you. The chat rooms are specific or whatever topic you find appropriate. If you become an admin of that chat room, users are free to choose from many different features so that everyone can participate in more activities. Litmatch’s chat rooms are set up quite professionally, with specific seats for each person, up to 8 people in the same room. Most people when joining a chat room will be set to the default state of being ready to chat so that the other party knows. For those who want to join voice chat, choose the best location to be ready to start a conversation with everyone. Those who are not serious about making friends, the admin of the chat room can block the chat feature or click out of the room. Therefore, if you really want to join the chat room, follow the rules of the group and become a civilized friend.

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Keep in mind the general principles

Litmatch was built with the criteria of creating an open social network where people can chat and connect with each other based on positivity and fun. And to create an environment that ensures those criteria, the game has given some specific principles for users to note:

  • Do not use or create sexually explicit or obscene content.
  • Do not spam, scam others.
  • Do not use language that implies violence, attack, harm.
  • No racist statements.

By joining the Litmatch community, everyone and yourself are encouraged to truly respect each other. Everyone has equal rights for the relationship to develop in the best direction. If one of the above rules is violated, the user will be asked to leave the chat room or worse, considered to be locked out of the account.

Suggested List

The Litmatch homepage will randomly suggest you some people to find out. You can refer to the introduction section to see the age and appearance of the opponent in the avatar. If you see the right guu, please click to access the timeline, see the activity status of that person and directly inbox to get acquainted. Of course, this list will not be repeated, each time you log in there will be a refresh to create a different experience. You are completely capable of appearing in the game’s nominations list and being made friends by others. So, create a beautiful profile with a few specific descriptions of the real you, update daily photos or hobbies, personality and some specific life concepts so that people can easily imagine you.than.

Litmatch MOD APK version

  • No advertising
  • Full Diamond

Litmatch is suitable for all audiences, especially users who want to make friends with people around the world. In general, the game’s features are quite similar to popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Zalo,… However, it will be more private. Download Litmatch Mod now if you want to find someone to confide in.


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