Download Everyone Is Expelled MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK

Download Everyone Is Expelled MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK
Name Ai Rồi Cũng Bị Đuổi
Publisher QuickTurtle Co. Ltd.
Latest Version
Genre Simulation
Size 62M
Requires Android 7.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money
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Everybody Gets Evicted MOD APK (Unlimited Money) sounds like a joke, but it’s actually the title of the game that’s been storming lately. This game attracts gamers thanks to its content that reflects reality in a funny and entertaining way. Have you tried many jobs but have not found the ideal “landing” for you?Are you bored with your current job?Come to Someone Who Will Be Expelled!to relieve stress as well as see the true meaning that the game conveys.

Introducing Someone Who Will Get Fired

What do you think is the scariest thing?Losing love is probably not as scary as feeling unemployed, having no job, not earning money to support yourself. Especially in difficult economic times, rising prices, a stable job and good income become the dream of many people. Why did QuickTurtle Co. Ltd take such a unique game name?Don’t Get Fired Experience!You will experience the feeling of unemployment as well as struggling to make a living of the employee that the game built. The game is buzzing in Korea and when it comes to Vietnam, it also becomes a HOT game that is especially interested.

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Actual plot

Everyone Gets Fired!is a casual game about a young unemployed man. After 7749 applications, he finally became an employee of a large, well-known company in Korea. His dream is the same as that of other salaried people. It is to earn a lot of money, develop and perfect yourself to become a director of a company. New jobs are not easy when there are so many tasks that you need to complete. From a new inexperienced employee with no relationship to the head of the corporation. Surely this is a distant dream and there are many challenges. However, if it is a dream and a goal, no one will tax it. Therefore, you will become an ambitious employee in Who Will Be Fired!At the beginning of the game, the game’s system will explain in detail about the context as well as what you need to do. Company, personnel and job requirements are provided with full information. As a new employee, you will have to start from the basics. Going through ups and downs and challenges, if you try and have the ability, you will definitely reach the position that many people consider to be delusional.

Getting kicked out is “easier than eating cake”

The game causes “extraordinary” and sometimes an inhibition for players with extremely demanding tasks. It’s no different from a survival game because just a small mistake will make you have to “wrap up” and leave the company. The gameplay of the game is generally simple, the approach is also very easy to understand. Initially, the game’s system will give you a certain number of skill points. After that, you will officially enter the company’s new employee department. Here, you will receive and start the task assigned by the company. After completing, your skills will be significantly improved.

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Don’t get discouraged if you’re constantly being fired. This is an integral part of the game. And it is also the main attraction, creating the highlight of this simulation game. Through the times of being fired, you will realize many useful things and gain more experience. Just like in real life, you can get fired for a variety of reasons. For example, being late to the deadline, making mistakes at work, not meeting the requirements set by the superiors. Be prepared to be fired. The reason is that your boss is quite “brake”. He just waits for you to make a small mistake to “kick” you out of the company. Do not warn or reprimand, criticize, … Once you make a mistake, you will be immediately fired.

Real life office work

Most of the jobs and situations in Everybody gets fired mod unlimited money are realistic. Specifically, office related issues with time management issues or strategic decisions, feedback, … In the process of working, you will be interacting with a diverse character system. From difficult bosses to colleagues, direct supervisors,… Besides interacting with characters, you also need to think to make feedback decisions. Through each round, the task becomes more difficult, communication also requires much more ingenuity.

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Realize your dream of becoming a director

Overcoming all the challenges, you absolutely have the opportunity to become the director of the company. By “rolling” in practice, you will have the experience and skills needed to sit in this chair. Once you have climbed to the position of director, you can “counter-dame”, fine-tune the co-workers who have bullied and “failed” you before. The name of the game sounds quite demanding, but you absolutely have a chance to fulfill your dream. Do your job well, work smoothly, be sensitive to situations,… Good achievements give you experience and compliments. From there, your superiors will promote you in future promotions. And when he became the General Director, the phrase “Everybody Gets Fired” no longer has any meaning. At this point, you are the most powerful person, no one has the right to fire you.

MOD Version of Someone Who Will Be Expelled APK

  • Unlimited money

The content is familiar, everyday but made very new. This is the interesting thing that creates the special attraction of the game with this extremely “trending” name. During the game, you will see how difficult life is. Staying in a professional company is not easy. Try and maintain a sense of responsibility to achieve your goals.Download Who Will Be Expelled Hack Unlimited Money shared by MODPURE to play the game right away.


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