Download Cytus 2 MOD + APK 4.4.0 (Unlocked Full Song)

Download Cytus 2 MOD + APK 4.4.0 (Unlocked Full Song)
Name Cytus 2
Publisher Rayark
Latest Version 4.4.0
Genre Music
Size 67 Mb
Requires Andorid 4.0
MOD Unlock full song
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Cytus II is known as the most attractive game among the games released by Rayark. Dubbed the revolution of fingers, Cytus II gives players an exciting world of music right on their phones. Download Cytus II Mod to enjoy top-notch music with a unique gameplay.

Download Cytus II Mod – Make tunes with your fingers

Cytus II is the version that continues the success of its predecessor. Not disappointing everyone, this comeback is highly appreciated when getting rid of the shadow of the old version. New, attractive and attractive are the phrases that best describe this game. Cytus II has upgraded the character system as well as a more diverse music store, creating an interesting experience, both strange and familiar to those who have played the old version. To enjoy all the moments in the game, players should use a headset when participating in the challenges in the game.

downloadCytus II mod

The plot is rare and hard to find

The plot of Cytus II is inspired by the story of Aesir, a mysterious and extremely legendary DJ. The music that this man brings has a special charm that heals anyone’s soul. Unexpectedly, one day this mysterious character appeared to the public and intended to hold a virtual concert called Aesir-FEST. Even this concert has the appearance of many other famous idol singers. A ticket fever immediately took place, the number of tickets was sold out in a short time. Everyone wants to see and hear Aesir’s music with their own eyes. On the day of the show, the number of people connected to the event reached millions.

Engaging game rhythm

Cytus II is the 4th musical rhythm game in the list of similarly themed titles from the publisher Rayark. Cytus II requires the player to hit the musical notes before they hit the demarcation lines to score points. The game is simulated with 5 types of musical notes and demarcation lines that are speed adjusted according to the beat. This gameplay experience gives players a more interesting and unique feeling than listening to a simple piece of music. Players have the opportunity to enjoy countless different music from many countries around the world such as Korea, Japan, UK, USA,… Cytus II is not a mere entertainment game, withMusic lovers, it really is a very good healer.

download Cytus II mod

Virtual Social Network

The appeal of Cytus II also comes from the feature of connecting people together. Specifically, the game as a social network helps you get to know people around the world. For people who share the same passion for music, connecting with someone with similar interests is very interesting. Not only in the domestic scope, the game allows you to chat with any player participating in the game globally. New stories in a colorful music space is really something you should experience.

Familiar touch and swipe gameplay

Cytus II’s gameplay is built around tapping and swiping on musical notes. Musical melodies sound from melodious to fast-paced, and the player’s task is to choose the right notes before they pass. The tempo of the song will determine the difficulty level of the game. To score a lot, you need to constantly swipe, touch the musical notes as well as the rhythmic circles that appear on the screen. This way of playing looks complicated, but once you get used to it, no song can make it difficult for you.

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Various song store

Players are allowed to choose one of the characters like Paff, Neko, Xenon, and ConneR. Each character will have a different song unlock level, which also affects the difficulty level of the challenge. The game is not limited to music genres, players have the right to choose rock, electronic, classical,…any music style that you love. The characters you choose will also choose the song you will play. With over 150 songs ranging from easy to difficult, Cytus II is truly a musical party that you shouldn’t miss.

Graphics, sound

Although only designed in 2D graphic style, Cytus II still has a vivid and beautiful look. The shaping of the characters is carefully cared for, diverse expressions, flexible movements that make players not want to leave the game. Because it is a game in the music genre, the sound is undisputed, quality and attractive are the words used to describe the music in the game.

Cytus II MOD APK version

  • Unlock all songs

There are many titles created in a similar style, but Cytus II still has its own charm. This is most clearly demonstrated when the number of downloads of the game on the app stores is increasing. In order not to miss exciting music parties, download Cytus II Mod and experience it now!


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