Download Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD (Unlimited Crystals) + APK 3.0.002

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD (Unlimited Crystals) + APK 3.0.002
Name Cookie Run: Kingdom
Publisher Devsisters Corporation
Latest Version 3.0.002
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.1 Gb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Infinite Crystals
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Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK (Infinite Crystals) is a brightly colored game with lots of cookies and desserts. Players will be role-playing and visit the world of cookies. You will join other cookies, gather them and build kingdoms together. It sounds ridiculous, but you can experience it right on your phone. If you don’t believe, download Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD now and experience the life of a cookie.

CookieRun Kingdom mod

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom Mod –  The War of the Candy Warriors

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an attractive role-playing game. You will play the role of a cookie and perform your task. Cookie Run: Kingdom offers a lot of characters for players to choose from. Each character has their own unique skills and powers. To complete the mission, the player needs to assemble a group of cookie people and assemble into a team. Build your battle army with a variety of skills such as healing, increasing damage, increasing defense or dealing main damage. Join them to fight and build a kingdom of their own. Through challenges, players take this opportunity to find more of their companions.


The story is about a sweet confectionery kingdom. One day, the kingdom was attacked by evil monsters. The strongest heroes in the kingdom were defeated by monsters. The kingdom was in danger of being engulfed in flames.

hackCookie Run Kingdom

You are the faith and hope of the kingdom. To carry out the mission, players need to gather talented cookie warriors. You will go with your teammates to destroy monsters and rebuild your kingdom.


Although, Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game about the sweet candy kingdom but still extremely dramatic and exciting. The player is not only a talented leader, collecting talents, but also training many mighty heroes. Cookie Run: Kingdom will take you to new lands in the candy kingdom. In each land there will be different challenges. Players will encounter a multitude of muscular animals. The giant boss is the last obstacle you will have to overcome. Winning at these doorways, new players have the opportunity to unlock new lands. Therefore, you have no choice but to fight and destroy all the challenges that the game brings.

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Other tasks

In addition to the task of finding teammates and fighting to destroy monsters, the game also offers other interesting tasks. For example, the quest to choose any type of upgrade for the character or participate in a special seasonal event to hunt for new characters and items. Sometimes new missions can even be encounters with a monster with terrible power that makes you struggle to cope.


Not only fighting against monsters, players need to combine construction and reproduction of structures. For the purpose of destroying monsters and building a prosperous life. Therefore, players need to combine combat and construction so that people’s lives quickly return to normal. You will have to complete a lot of different works. Each item serves a distinct function. For example, the production and armament area. This will be a separate area used to upgrade warriors and exploit resources for the kingdom. If the construction process is completed quickly, it will also become easier to upgrade the warriors. When you have good weapons and equipment, your chances of winning matches will also be much higher.

Game highlights

Not only possessing an impressive lineup of warriors in appearance and color, but the extraordinary strength of the characters in the game is also appreciated. Each warrior has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Cookie Run: Kingdom also has different classes for the entire cast of characters in the game.

modCookie Run Kingdom


The warriors all bring the advantage of good attack. Specializes in close attacks, close armor and deals high physical damage to enemies. They have the advantage of having a lot of blood, so they are very popular in the game.


These are candy hero characters who can use weapons like guns, crossbows and bows very professionally. Can attack well from a distance and deal damage in a short time. However, this character brings the disadvantage of less flexibility and not much health.


The magician gives the ability to cast spells and deal damage in a large area. Therefore, in each battle the mages have a role to help their teammates create advantages in effects or posture to besiege and defeat the enemy.


Assassins are the characters with the strongest attack speed, often giving critical attacks, which can bring victory to their teammates. The attack position has a short damage range and very little health. Those are the disadvantages that players need to know before making their choice of class.

download Cookie Run Kingdom mod

MOD Version of Cookie Run: Kingdom APK

  • Infinite Crystals
  • Unlimited Money

Cookie Run: Kingdom is just a game about sweets, but it still brings drama and excitement to players. Role-playing as a cookie, you experience and feel everything. From colors and shapes to battles and kingdom building. The character always acts chivalrously to bring a peaceful life to all people. Download Cookie Run: Kingdom mod if you love this gameplay.


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