Download Cats & Soup MOD (Free Shopping) + APK v1.9.6

Download Cats & Soup MOD (Free Shopping) + APK v1.9.6
Name Cats & Soup
Publisher HIDEA
Latest Version 1.9.6
Genre Simulation
Size 98 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Free shopping
Get it On Google Play

For those who love cute kittens, the game Cats & Soup MOD APK (Shopping) cannot be ignored. In the game, there are many cats that work together to create attractive soups. You will sell those soups to get money and build houses and buy tools. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?Take a look at the following article to better understand the game Cats & Soup, as well as how to download the game.

Download Cats & Soup mod – Top Hot Indie Game

It can be said, Cats & Soup is considered the top attractive Indie game of the Google Play game store. Taking pastel colors as the main theme, the game creates a gentle and pleasant impression for players. The first scene you see when entering the game is a peaceful forest with many colorful cats living together. Each cat has a separate task, supporting each other to create the finished product. When completing the task, the finished product of the cats will be used to create an attractive soup.

Cats & SoupMOD

In particular, for cat lovers, as a genuine “sen”, the “boss” in the game will make you fall in love. In this animal forest, there are many different breeds of cats, from the Norwegian forest cat, to the Maine Coon or Siberian cat, ….. Thanks to the simple and gentle design, every detail in the game happens naturally and is equally attractive. For cat lovers, this lively forest is like a dream world.

Vivid, relaxing Gameplay

There are no details such as weapons, fighting or violence, …. Cats & Soup MOD APK is produced exclusively for those who want to relax and entertain after a tiring working day. In each game, you can both control the activity and “groom” the cats yourself such as changing hats, changing glasses, setting flowers, …. Activities such as taking pictures with cats, feeding the cats fish, participating in mini games, etc. are also attractions not to be missed. Cats & Soup has a very simple gameplay, players need to instruct each cat in the forest to make a delicious soup. Stages such as cutting vegetables, lighting a fire, washing vegetables, etc. need to be coordinated. Later, the soup recipes have more and more stages, so the work and time to be distributed must be calculated more carefully than at first.

Cats& Soup MOD APK

Along with the main task of making soup, the player and his cats will sell these soups and build houses. To get gold coins, you need to sell the cooked soup (the more complicated the soup, the higher the price will be). So how will the collected gold be used?The house that the cats are living in needs to be remodeled to become more comfortable and beautiful. Each cat’s clothes, jewelry, … also need to be purchased with gold. In particular, ingredients and tools for making soup must also be purchased with gold. When there are enough recipes, tools, ingredients, …, the cats will continue their cooking work.. If you like, you can also build more areas for entertainment, rest, … for cats.

Simple operation

The way to control Cats & Soup is also very simple, almost anyone can do it. These are actions such as “drag” the cat to the work point so that he can work on his own, the soup is finished cooking, then “click” on it to get money. Or, if you want to buy something, click on the store and then choose utensils, ingredients, … The longer you play, the better items you can buy, and the more complex soup recipes you have. Although it is just simple operations, the game still makes you play forever. There is no competition over losing, but Cats & Soup brings a sense of accomplishment when the more you play, the better things you get from beauty to quality.

Quality sound and graphics

Many people come to Cats & Soup APK not only because of the lovely cats, but because of the vivid, eye-catching drawings. Not every game has such vivid 2D graphics. It can be said that to create such 2D images is an art. With gentle pen strokes, the cats in the game look lively and lovely. On a gentle pastel background, these cats bring a lot of different feelings to the player. Each boss has a different beauty, forming colorful but impossibly harmonious pieces.

Cats & SoupHack

The space in the game is also the features that you cannot ignore when evaluating Cats & Soup APK + MOD. From weather (sunny, rainy, cloudy, …) to light and dark scenes are simulated in detail. Once in a while, the weather in the game will be changed once like in real life. Players can play the game in a variety of environments, so they will not be bored but feel more excited. In particular, the background music of the game is gentle BGM songs, creating a relaxing feeling like touching the green natural space. Those are the songs of birds, the sound of pouring rain, or the sound of falling leaves, the sound of owls in the silent night, …

Cats & Soup MOD APK Version

  • Free Shopping

No fuss, no fierce competition, but Cats & Soup mod APK makes players unable to let go. This will be a great choice for you to separate yourself from the busy world outside, creating for yourself moments of relaxation.


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