Download Car Simulator 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v1.50.34

Download Car Simulator 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v1.50.34
Name Car Simulator 2
Publisher OppanaGames FZC LLC
Latest Version 1.50.34
Genre Simulation
Size 525 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 +
MOD Unlimited money
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Currently, the exploration games with the large open world in the game are attracting a lot of players. Are you a car enthusiast and looking for a game to help you enjoy driving and watching the streets?Car Simulator 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) released by Oppana Games is the top choice that you should try. Follow the article below to learn more about this game!

Download Car Simulator 2 Mod – The best realistic driving simulation game

Surely you will immediately think of Asphalt 8 when it comes to the best game for car lovers. However, the previous traditional racing games often only focused on fiery races, squeezing each other based on the available map. With the speed “as fast as the wind” of super cars, you will certainly not be able to feel the details like when driving in reality.

Car Simulator 2

In racing, have you ever paid attention to fuel, lanes or traffic rules?This is the reason real-life driving simulation games were born. These simulation games will help players to enjoy the fun of driving. At the same time satisfy their passion for cars. Car Simulator 2 is a driving simulation game quite similar to the Grand Theft Auto game. In this game you are not a professional racer at all. You will transform into an ordinary citizen, a driver. Here players can perform many other activities such as walking, roaming in search of their favorite car and exploring the city with their car.

Special features in Car Simulator 2 game

Realistic graphics

Car Simulator 2 game uses extremely realistic and sharp 3D graphics. Many objects and landscapes such as houses, gas stations, people, etc. are simulated in great detail. This game also applies very realistic laws of physics, giving players the feeling of driving and living in a real city. In addition, the different weather and sunlight effects between day and night are also a bright spot to help the game become more “realistic”.

A rich treasure trove of supercars

Whether it’s in speed racing games or driving simulations, car collection is always a top priority for players. Car Simulator 2 owns a series of different famous supercars for you to choose from. The supercars are designed and simulated in detail similar to real-life brands such as BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, etc. In particular, in this game you can perform the “robbery” screen with other grab cars right on the street and make them your property.

CarSimulator 2 MOD

Must obey traffic laws

Introduced as a real driving simulation game, it is not too difficult to understand when in the game the traffic rules are simulated in detail. When participating in traffic in Car Simulator 2, if you run a red light or commit any traffic violation. You will be able to be ticketed by the policemen in the game. One trick that the game gives you when being fined is to bribe the police. Then the bribe will be less than a police ticket. This saves you a lot of time and money to deal with. So pay attention to the lines of the characters in the game.


In fact, the console in the game Car Simulator 2 does not have too many differences compared to other driving simulation games. With a car steering wheel on the left side of the screen, in the middle of the screen there is a number pad to control the horn, headlights, and turn signals. The accelerator and brake pedal are on the two buttons on the right. In particular, the game gives players three options when controlling the car including steering wheel, arrow keys and control by tilting the device in use.Car Simulator 2 MOD APK

Various operating modes

Car Simulator 2 game provides players with many interesting modes such as racing, mission, arcade challenge. When playing the mission mode, you need to move to the required locations within a certain time. Players can drive taxis and then accept customers to earn extra income. However, do not forget to pay attention to the amount of fuel in the car and fill it up when it is almost empty. On the city map, there is a display of fuel stations around, making it easy for you to find the nearest gas station.

Car Simulator 2 MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

Car Simulator 2 MOD APK is really a game that driving enthusiasts should not miss. Not only satisfying racing passion but also giving players the most realistic driving experience. Quickly download to experience this exciting game.


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