Download Attack On Moe H MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v4.4.0

Download Attack On Moe H MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v4.4.0
Name Attack On Moe H
Publisher Nutaku
Latest Version 4.4.0
Genre Simulation
Size 52M
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

If you are looking for an adventure game with simple gameplay, don’t miss Attack On Moe H MOD APK. This is the perfect game to help you entertain in your spare time without having to spend too much time and effort to “plow”. The game has quite good and unique mechanics that will make you hooked. You will have to have your own strategies to fight the enemy. Let’s explore Attack On Moe H in the following article.

Download Attack On Moe H mod – Adventure game with simple gameplay

For those who like to play role-playing games, Nutaku is a name that cannot be ignored. This is a publisher specializing in adult games with similar graphic style to anime and Attack On Moe H MOD APK is the product of this big man. Nutaku mainly releases strategy games. The launch of Attack On Moe H MOD APK becomes a new breakthrough for this publisher. The game is very easy to play with many simple but extremely attractive features. This is a great entertainment game for players who just want to have fun at break time.

Attack On Moe H Hack

The plot of Attack On Moe H MOD APK

Coming to Attack On Moe H MOD APK, you will play the role of a pink-haired knight in the Pixel kingdom. This is an ancient kingdom, living a prosperous and peaceful life until it was attacked by monsters. Knights are tasked with accompanying the kingdom’s army to protect the stronghold. Players will be free to show their fighting skills and wisdom to destroy the enemy and protect the people in the city.

How to play Attack On Moe H MOD APK?

Attack On Moe H MOD APK is popular for its simple gameplay, easy to operate. The main weapon of the knight in the game is the sword. It is necessary to destroy the giants quickly so that they do not harm your kingdom. Because the opponent’s body is so huge, just one foot is enough to destroy the whole house. To control the action of the character you just need to touch the screen. Each touch will be equivalent to 1 attack, the more you press, the faster the enemy will die. This is a clicker gameplay, used very commonly in fighting games because of its ease of operation.

Team up with many attractive female warriors

You will not have to fight alone like the knights in the movies. In the game Attack On Moe H MOD APK, your character can recruit a lot of female warriors to form an army for you. It could be giant girls who are good at fighting or a magician. Initially you will have 1 teammate provided by the system. You need to find and recruit more soldiers to face strong opponents.

Attack On Moe H MOD

If defeated, the enemy will continue to send a stronger army to attack. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to find more soldiers to build a powerful army.

Functions in Attack On Moe H MOD APK

If the enemy army is getting stronger and stronger, the health is more and more but your army only increases in number, it is not enough. Attack On Moe H MOD APK has a function to help you upgrade your female warriors to become stronger. For each win, you will receive money. Use that money to upgrade weapons, armor, … for your girls. Besides the army, the knights themselves need to be stronger, right?The game allows you to upgrade your character to be stronger. In addition to equipment, you will also be able to upgrade skills and combat experience to control soldiers.

In-game Events Attack On Moe H MOD APK

Known as a manufacturer very widely with gamers. Nutaku regularly designs more events to reward players. This is also an interesting feature when you play games, right?The events of Attack On Moe H MOD APK usually last from 1 to 2 weeks. But don’t worry because soon there will also be the next event. You need to go to the events section and check often so you don’t miss the rewards. The rewards for completing the quests of these events are often of great value.

Graphic design of Attack On Moe H MOD APK

If only talking about images, the Attack On Moe H MOD APK game really stands out. Every detail in the game is carefully designed. The background and characters are anime-styled graphics. This is the typical game design style of Nataku with the aim of building the image of attractive girls. Regarding the interface, Attack On Moe H MOD APK has very simple function buttons, which can be seen right away when needed. Besides the graphic design, the sound of Attack On Moe H MOD APK is also very lively. From everyday sounds, reward sounds, battle sounds, … are all very attractive, helping players feel more excited.

The Attack On Moe H MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

Although the gameplay is not diverse, Attack On Moe H MOD APK has its own charm. This will be a great game for you to “kill time” in your spare time.


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