Last day on Earth MOD APK 1.23.1 (Menu) Baixar

Last day on Earth MOD APK 1.23.1 (Menu) Baixar
Nome Last day on Earth
Desenvolvedor Kefir
Última versão 1.23.1
Categoria Ação
Tamanho 837 MB
Compatível com Android
MOD Menu
Link para o Google Play Google Play

The survival game Last day on Earth: Survival received the attention of a large number of players as soon as it was released. The game is not new, but until now, Kefir’s products are still loved by many people. Last day on Earth: Survival builds an apocalyptic setting, puts people in misery, and must find a way to survive. What to do when around you are full of danger, can die at any time? Join Last day on Earth: Survival MOD APK to officially enter this fascinating battle for life.

Download Last day on Earth: Survival Mod – Impressive survival game

Last day on Earth: Survival is considered one of the best survival games today. The game has been out for a long time, but so far there is no sign of cooling down. With an increasing number of downloads, the game is firmly present in the top trending games. The challenge in the game is set right from the moment you start. Death, traps, dangers exist all around. With a fierce spirit of survival, fight the destroyer. Game with unique features to help you experience the fierce survival life to the fullest.

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Interesting gameplay

If you are a “hard fan” of the survival game genre, you can start with Last day on Earth: Survival easily. The game opens up a fierce context when the world stands before destruction. The line between life and death is extremely thin. As soon as you step into the game, you need to act immediately. Let’s start by looking for all the possible things around you. In addition to weapons, necessities are also extremely necessary. To live, you must first have food and drink. Then the weapon to fight, against the attack of mutant zombies,…. Last day on Earth: Survival is so realistic that it only gives you a pair of shorts when starting with extreme survival sequences. This is no different from primitive life. To survive, you need to act and fight. Fight against zombies, fight evil people with a plot to destroy the world.

Challenging Hardcore Mode

As a gamer, anyone wants to challenge with the highest difficulty of the game. Therefore, the hardcore mode in Last day on Earth: Survival will bring you extremely interesting experiences. There are a variety of jobs and tasks for you to try. Every season, the mission will be renewed by the game maker. This creates a new feeling, avoiding boredom for players. This change also requires players to try to gain a certain position from time to time. With the hardcore team mode, you will encounter many special skins. Not only that, you can also interact with many other players in the game.

Game supports auto play

Last day on Earth: Survival forces you to do everything yourself. With some basic operations, the game allows players to choose automatic mode. When choosing this mode, your character in the game will automatically collect resources around. This feature will help a lot during your busy times. Thanks to automatic mode, you can spend time on more important things instead of paying attention to the character. However, you need to ensure the safety of the character before choosing this mode.

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Frequently asked questions when playing Last day on Earth: Survival

With a survival game, you need to determine in advance the thought that you will stretch yourself to fight. Sometimes, not facing zombies or enemies is dangerous. The lack of food and drink makes me slowly die from hunger and thirst. This is the reason, Last day on Earth: Survival is so appreciated by many people. During the experience, new gamers still encounter some unknown problems. Here are the detailed answers related to this survival game:

Is Last day on Earth: Survival possible on PC?

Last day on Earth: Survival is a survival game for phones. However, you can still experience it on PC if you want. To play on PC, you need to install a computer emulator first. Prioritize installing famous emulators like NOX or BlueStacks. After the installation is complete, you can download and install the game as usual.

How to get water in LDoE

Last day on Earth: Survival As a survival game, necessities play a very important role. In addition to weapons, you need to find food and drink. So how to get water in this survival game? Initially, the game will give you 3 free water bottles. If you haven’t used it yet, go to your inventory to check. In addition, you can also earn water by picking up from the plane crash. Or despite the danger, sneak into the enemy base. There is another way to find water in Last day on Earth: Survival is to make Rain Catcher. To make rain, you need to reach level 6 and prepare all the tools. After about 10 minutes you will receive 1 bottle of water.

How to get fabric in LDoE

Want to get fabric in Last day on Earth: Survival you can try 2 ways. One is to find monster mummies as well as Ai player. The second is to craft your own while possessing magic hands at level 18. Just like crafting water, to craft cloth, prepare the tools the system requires. When done successfully, you will have fabric crafted from plant fibers.

How to Kill The Big One in LDoE

Want to Kill The Big One in Last Day on Earth you need to prepare quite a few things. Specifically include the following: Military bag, 5x pistol, 80x medical kit, key event food. Finally a high resolution armor set. Also, when fighting, for the best escape route, aim for the upper right or left lane.

How to find steel and get aluminum bar

In Last Day on Earth, to own steel you can raid the homes of new owners. Or faster, delete the farm. For aluminum bars, if you want to get them, the necessary conditions are Melting Furnace and level 6. Separate enough 10 limestone ores, 5 iron ores, you can create aluminum. In terms of materials, there are 2 options for you to choose from. One is to heat aluminum wire, the other is to melt Bauxite.

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Last day on Earth MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money.
  • Magic Split
  • Open allall recipes.
  • Moveinstant.
  • Unlockall events.
  • Itemdo not consume.
  • Get the boxunknowns + raiders spawn at home locations.
  • God mode.
  • Consistencylove high.
  • Speedhigh.
  • Bots nomove.
  • Open All Events – Unlock all events (may crash the game)
  • Items don’t consume – Item does not consume (disable it if you cannot order the item)
  • Get Unknown Box + spawn raider at home location – Get Unknown box, will appear at home location (you need to go to map and back to location after switching, only use when switchingto map and when back to home)
  • God mode – Immortal
  • High Damage – High Damage
  • High Speed ​​– Fast Movement Speed
  • Bots dont move – Zombies cannot move

Mod 2 Menu

  • MOD Menu
  • Free crafting
  • Open all recipes
  • Go anywhere on the map
  • Maximum Durability.

Mod 3 Menu

  • MOD Menu
  • Immortal – God Mode
  • 1 hit and die – One Hit
  • Attack and shot speed
  • Fast Speed ​​Hack – Move faster, speed
  • Fast loot
  • No skill required – No skill required
  • Durability
  • Unlock weapons
  • Unlimited food and water – Unlimited food and water
  • Animal not move

Download Last day on Earth: Survival MOD APK for Android

If you want to experience the fierceness of survival, you should not ignore Last day on Earth: Survival. With simple gameplay, new mission system and many interesting features, the game will surely bring you memorable experiences. Download Last day on Earth: Survival MOD APK to start a challenging journey.


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